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    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb When her sister is murdered by a criminal, Zera sets a plan into action to seek revenge on her own terms. She might enlist a little help
    Read More*warning. contains sexual situations that may not be enjoyed by all readers. mf, fmm, ffmm, and a few fetishes* Zera has grown up on a world where actives develop superpowers and are less than fifteen percent of the population. It is expected that actives serve society, but some of them have other ideas. Zera is a master of weapons design, but her active nature is that of a hopper. She can literally jump into someone else’s body and hide inside. Her sister, Susara, is Suit Bait. She projects vulnerability, which attracts the right and wrong type of interest. When Susara’s soul is shattered and she is left to die, Zera sets a series of actions in motion that involve a superhero escort service, patrons who pay extensively for the pleasure of a superhuman partner, and clients with very specific needs. The Blind Date Corporation arranges dates between patrons and the escorts, while the escorts wear a mask that covers their eyes and blurs the memories of the patrons so that no stalker issues arise. The company is flourishing until one of the original patrons from the days before the masks outs Zera as an escort, and the entire plan of revenge for Susa’s death ramps up a notch. Super.
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    (Book 2 Blind Date Corporation Series) She has something he wants, and it’s embarrassing. Pretending she’s normal loses its appeal in the arms of her own assassin.
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    (Book 3 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Being lucky was all she knew until the man from her past ends up auditing her active status, and she has to choose to run or stay. Run it is.
    Read MoreTirra has had it rough. She started out as a victim, turned into an asset, and ended up as a survivor. Her active life had started in an unorthodox way; her career was the result of years of focus and working for Z-Tech as an executive trainer made it easy for her to transition into designing the training plan for the different escorts of the Blind Date Corporation.

    She spent five years working with the escorts and creating connections with restaurants, hotels, and other venues where dates would take place. As the resort was opened in Aksalla, she was chosen for the position of management when her past arrives to audit her active skills as an analyst. She is shocked by the appearance of the man she used to dread and desire with equal measure.

    Gorith had a party trick that could set any woman off with two points of contact. It had helped him carve out a niche when he was undercover, but when he met the manager of the resort, the echo from his past became a roar for the future. He might be classified as a monster, but he brought the same out in her, and together, they are going to have to fight their way through the dates, protocols, and a family wedding that he wasn’t prepared for.

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    (Book 4 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb She has a crush on her boss and just knows he’s a demon in the sack. She just has to wait until she can find out firsthand.
    Read MoreArcady has worked for Z-Tech long enough to apply to their sister company, the Blind Date Corporation. With a tech-based blindfold, she goes on dates with other actives whose powers are compatible with her own.

    She has had a crush on her boss since the day she met him, but it was only when she started spending a few nights each week with other powered beings that he filed his own application to become one of her dates.

    Their first night is magical, but it ends in disaster that brings them close far more quickly than either imagined.

    Dr. Krizt goes from scientist to lover, but no matter his role, one thing is certain. He wants her body.

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    (Book 5 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb He had been her favourite date, so she arranged for him to be the father of her child... should she have told him?
    Read MoreVallu spent over five years as an escort with the Blind Date Corporation. On her last date, she used her activation to provide her with something she needed... a child. She just didn’t tell him. How likely was it that he would run into her in the real world? He was from an island in the bay; she was from a suburb. If she hadn’t stopped downtown for a hotdog, nothing would have happened.

    Etgar has been searching for Five for four months, and while the management of BDC has been no help, he holds out hope that she will be in his arms again... off-contract. When he catches her scent near a hotdog vendor, he follows the scent to the source. She denies her identity as Five, but her scent doesn’t lie. The bright green eyes are a surprise, as is getting shot in the back by a drive-by assassin.

    Vallu heals him in the vehicle as his bodyguards recover him, and he refuses to leave without her. She focuses on stopping the bleeding and repairing him as the men drive them to safety. Well, safety for Etgar. The island he lives on is his family home, and they own it all. She has just been dropped into his own little kingdom, but she has some conditions to remain with him. It isn’t like she has had four months to plan or anything.

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    Series - Blind Date Corp (book 6) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Sabine is enjoying the reception until she gets a distress call and goes to pitch in by distracting some alphas so her friend could escape. The alphas just changed their focus and split up. The ladies scattered, and the hunt was on.
    Read MoreSabine has been recovering from work-related damage. An active nearly crushed her spine. She’s now on crutches until a walking suit can be arranged, and coordinating formalwear with crutches is harder than it looks. Watching her friend Vallu get married to the large furry man of her dreams and the father of her baby was sweet, and the reception was fun. With the crutches, Sabine had to skip the dances, but she enjoyed every moment of the party. The bride and groom were long gone when she got a call from another guest and answered the call for help. Ylara was being cornered by three alphas who didn’t mind sharing, and that was not something she was interested in. With three ladies gathered to distract the guys, they split off to deal with their individual alpha. Shaking them off was another matter. Sabine ends up with a muscle-bound water-breather on her trail, and dealing with him and her injuries is just too complicated. She makes a few decisions that change the direction of her life and twist her future into something she could not have imagined.
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    Series - Blind Date Corporation book 7 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb The wedding was lovely. Brit wasn’t going, but when her sister’s time at the reception gets uncomfortable, nothing could stop her from lending a hand by becoming bait.
    Read MoreBrit got a call from her sister and headed off to the wedding on Daycross Island. She just had to pull a tracking device out of her foot before going. Being the only current multi-morph on record makes her very popular with law enforcement and espionage agencies. She doesn’t want to play with either. She finds her sister, understands what’s needed, and coordinates with one of Ylara’s associates to distract the three alphas stalking her sister due to her state of heat. Brit changes to her sister’s form and makes a run through the woods, but an unearthly howl follows her, and she is soon up a tree with nowhere to go. Denier knows that the scent is wrong for his original target, but he can’t resist running prey. The scent is what he has been looking for, and he sets out to catch it.
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    Series - Blind Date Corporation book 7 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Ylara just wanted to enjoy the wedding. Her heat should have been under control. Attracting one alpha would have been bad enough, but having her choice out of three makes her head spin.
    Read MoreYlara had a lovely time at Vallu’s wedding. She caught the bouquet, danced the night away, and only then noticed that her dance partners followed her every move. She panics and tries to make a break for it, but they block her path. She does what any sensible woman would do; she hides in a broom closet and calls for help from every friend or family member she can think of. When her troops arrive, they offer support and a plan. Sabine urges her to choose her alpha to help deal with her heat. They all know what torture it is to leave it unanswered, so leave her to make up her mind. Picking the guy with the giant scorpion tail might not have been the most sensible thing, but it feels right. When he holds her close and promises to take care of her, she believes him. Whether she trusts him is another matter entirely.
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    Series - Blind Date Corporation book 9 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb A bachelorette party brings Drin to the attention of the boss of the nightclub, Hell. Her problem is that he’s a long-standing crush and patron, and he knows it.
    Read MoreDrin has a miserable life. She is constantly scrounging for money, fighting for respect, and hiding her activation. As far as she knows, she is a muse. She gives her targets inspiration and intellect, but her body pays the price. A metabolic active uses their body to power their manifestation, and Drin spends her life hungry as her body burns power to survive in public. She is asked to sing in public to help a bachelorette gain a win in a live singing competition, but she ends up going against the city’s most popular male singer. They sing a duet, and her opponent is so thrilled that he grabs her and kisses her. She drops him with her knee, and the club goes silent. The devil emerges and walks toward her. She sees him coming and is shocked to see her best friend’s brother approaching her, and she’s stunned when he kisses her in front of several hundred partiers. He sweeps her to his lair, and they have a short conversation involving her work for the Blind Date Corporation as his escort. A day later and she’s being arrested for breaking a restraining order. Her best friend’s family has blocked her, but now, she is hauled to lock-up for talking to Vikor. Things can only get better from there, right? When the devil arrives to defend her, her case is won, and her heart is lost.


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