Terra is a planet in the Sol area of the Milky Way.   It is predominantly covered in water.  Despite this, the dominant intelligent inhabitants are airbreathers and live mainly above the waterline.

Terra is currently identified as a protectorate of the Alliance after warring factions used Terra as a warzone that including attempted genocide of the population.   This means that extracting Terrans from their natural habitat incurs heavy penalties up to and including death.  All Terrans permitted to leave the planet are now marked with a warning.

Following the Alliance making the first contact with the Terrans, and after strict testing of volunteers, 2,000 were released into the wider universe for observation.   These volunteers are not permitted to return to their homeworld.  It is off noted that the Terrans who survived the initial exodus appear to have the ability to make strong family bonds allowing them to settle on a wide variety of planets.  In addition, they quickly obtained 5 Champions from the initial volunteers.    The positive outcome of the experiment has allowed a further batch of volunteers to be permitted to reach for the stars.

Terrans can be found in the Sector Guard, as Guardians, as well as several other unique postings.  Note that Sentient planets find them extremely suitable as planetary avatar and Terrans should be handed over to them on demand.

Warning:  Terrans are cyclical breeders who with some manipulation can breed with local populations.  The average 28-day cyclical requires careful planetary management to prevent overpopulation.  A number have a Class 0 genetic identification and is greatly in demand by failing populations as the children carry little or no characteristics of the Terran parent.