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Monica Connon

Viola is a sassy author with an even sassier familiar. Her friends in the non-mundane world, to include Fairey, allow her to tell their stories by weaving tales that while they may seem fantastic are all quite true. She has recently moved further into the wilds of Canada with her familiar to study bee keeping and commune with her less than normal friends.

Kimberly Paulson

Great humor, fantastic dialog, her books are popcorn and leave you wanting the next in the series. Not because the story isn’t finished it’s because you love the characters and know the next set will be just as great.I can sit down and read for days in a realm of my choice. That is priceless. Bless you Viola. I don’t know if any of this can be salvaged but feel free.

Sharon A Tattersall

Viola is an author who will not give you the book you expect, but she will definitely give you a book that will knock your socks off! She gives you crisp plots, memorable characters, witty commentary, and steamy encounter scenes. Her books can have you laughing out loud, sobbing into your kleenex, and wishing you could live in the worlds she creates.