(Book 10 The Bastard Dragon Series)

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Training to follow in her father’s footsteps goes well until she gets to the training center. Then, it all hits the fan.

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Kabyl has wanted to take peacekeeper training since she was six. Her dad had always tried to temper her expectations. Women didn’t usually have the physical skills required for the job. She worked hard, got strong, fast, and resilient and then…she turned into a dragon.

Everything got a little confused at that point.

The application had been sent, received, and accepted. Kabyl had been assigned a trainer by the diamond dragon, and he had been accepted as her partner by the peacekeepers.

She isn’t sure what being his partner will entail, but as long as she has a shot at her dreams, he could call himself a forest-running elf if he wanted. Oh, wait, that is what he is.

First, they need official training, and then, they can work on keeping the peace.