The Last First Dance (e-Book)


(Book 1 Monstrous Ball Series)
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What girl doesn’t want to go to the ball? Maybe not on Monster Island…

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Arabella is nearing the end of her work visa on Monster Island when she gets invited to the full moon ball by the mayor of the island. The band that she is given marks her as an invitee of the next full moon ball, and she notices the looks she gets from the locals when they see it. No one else is sporting an all-onyx band.

After an altercation at work, she ends up needing medical attention, and she is the only one surprised when the mayor arrives and carries her to the med centre, where he introduces her to aspects of his appearance that are not so human.

He is very good with his tongue.

Harrow has been waiting centuries for a mate to present herself. Monsters don’t get many chances when the screaming and running start. Arabella is different. When she sees his teeth, she smiles, and when he uses his tongue, she cuddles up for more.

Only a full night at the ball will determine if they are a match or if heavy petting is where it ends.



Title – The Last First Dance
ISBN – 978-1-989892-97-8 
***Author – Viola Masters
Release date October 29th.


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