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    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Offered up by her government, Cyreen is given over to an ancient hero to placate him into cooperation. No pressure
    Read MoreWhen the Hero of Morcud was betrayed and put in stasis, he demanded that if they were ever to wake him, he needed the woman that they had denied him. Five hundred years later, his help is needed, and Cyreen is one of three women with the DNA profile that he demanded. As he is still in his stasis tube, she got a good look at all parts exposed by the clear housing. When he sat up and returned her frank gaze, she is taken aback. The two delicate and lovely creatures that also matched his requirements were huddled together and weeping at the thought of the hybrid general touching them. Cyreen was intrigued. General Xan looks at his options and makes his decision. Cyreen is his, and there is no end date to the contract. Oh, the things she is willing to do to save her world. She had better make a very long list before he puts some trousers on.
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    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb A scheming vampire, a unicorn with a job to do, and a mage who thought her power was gone, leaving her unremarkable.
    Read MoreAlly surrendered her magic as a teen. Her sister was the family heir, and Ally just wanted to leave her home and start off in a new city. She takes on odd jobs and ends up as a secure courier. Weeks before her twenty-seventh birthday, she takes a delivery that goes wrong and ends up with her being bound to the vampire king of the city. She decides to run, but he thwarts her, and after experiencing brunch with the vampire, she agrees to give him a chance to seduce her. Being seduced by a vampire takes time. There has to be formality, organization, and an opener. Ally had never heard of openers, but they were used when there were physical issues between the more aggressive of the races and usually the hapless human. The openers were unicorn stallions with a talent for easing things between normally incompatible species. Ally agrees to it, but there is one problem. She knows the unicorn. Bastien was the brother of one of her best friends, and he had been in training when she had seen him last. She had never imagined that she would see him again and that he would see all of her. Ally had sought to live her life quietly, to be unremarkable, but now, she was in the spotlight, and her family was calling her to defend her life, her freedom, and her new mates. She was taking her family down.


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