(Book 6 The Bastard Dragon Series)

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Working out tension during some light espionage seems like the thing to do while pondering her future.

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Eltrinia has been progressing. She is the master of the on-loan gallery, she takes tours of all ages around, and she has been recruited for operative training at the capital.

Learning combat tactics in sparring matches with Trin is bizarrely fun. It is like looking into a tinted mirror.

When she finally gets clearance for her first mission, she is paired with Inoth and must wait for her paperwork before she can go and play spy. They finally make their way to their assignment. It turns out that he gets to be himself, and she has to pretend to be an airhead. Yay.
Inoth has been working on getting closer to Eltrinia, but circumstances and the dragon senator have been very effective at keeping them apart. When he volunteered to be her partner, there were a few snickers, but no one knew Eltrinia like he did. There was no doubt about it, he had gotten the pick of the trainees. She had skills that even he didn’t know about, but he was willing to learn.