Fighting Syndrome (e-Book)


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Trained in an abbey, she is finally out, married to a vampire, and looking for a fight within a day. Whatever will she do on day two?

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To protect herself and those around her, Ebra has spent the last twelve years at an abbey, training to be a good wife and mother… and assassin, commander, warrior, spy, and interior decorator. It was a full education that helped her manage the syndrome that made her so deadly.
Assigned to the man her parents decided to give her to, she trusts her family not to do anything stupid. The offer to cure her is a surprise as there is only one cure. Death.
The treatment that is offered is a cloned body without her flawed DNA and transfer of most of her consciousness before they destroy the original body. She would like a second opinion.
A convenient attack on the space vessel she is on gives her the chance to escape her fate with minimal bloodshed. Getting caught by the man she proposed to is a bit of a surprise, but she is nothing if not adaptable.
Changing from one suitor to the next is easy enough, but is the vampire going to be happy with the lady in his embrace, or will he have second thoughts?


Series: Stand Alone Tales
Published: Aug. 21, 2020
Words: 19,760
Language: English
ISBN: 9781989892374


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