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Krys is pulled across dimensions by a mage who wants to feed her to a sleeping monster. She should have gone out with friends instead.

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One minute, Krys is in the shower; the next minute, she is swept across time and space to act as an offering to an ancient protector locked in stone. The rules are simple. She fails any of the challenges, and she can go home, but she is a determined over-achiever.
A mage is assigned to keep her maintained, and he is also her coach and reference guide when it comes to dealing with the challenges and the complications of being a human on an alien world. Nen is a good instructor, and he has an eye toward her wellbeing.
The moment that the protector wakes, he requires power. Krys had no idea that Kel was going to have to get it from her.
Power turns to pleasure and exponentially clarifies and produces more energy than ever before.
She has three days to help save a world, and then, she will be sent home. How can life at home compare with the embrace of two men who make her their entire focus? Well, mainly men… a lot of something else.