No Reservations – Part One


(The Omega Next Door Series)
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Tormented by those who should have protected her, Olivia has one chance at an actual life, and she just has to give herself with no reservations.

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Born to blossom into an omega, something in Olivia’s life went wrong. Instead of having her heats and looking for her own alphas, she is defective. Her body gives her pain, and she wants nothing to do with the thought of a sexual liaison with anyone.

Her sister follows her father’s footsteps and keeps her on their property and running the bed and breakfast, which is a boring existence for Olivia until her heat is due and her rule against taking reservations during that time is broken by her greedy sibling. There is an emergency, and they are going to be hosting a guest.

No one said the guest would be an alpha.

What follows is a meeting, a realization, and a rescue that changes not only Olivia’s life but that of her pride as well.

Argus is just going to a family wedding rehearsal when he begins hearing the phrase defective omega. He has researched a lot of omegas, and there is no such thing as a defective one. When he realizes that these words are describing the dainty little woman who helped his panthers get settled, he has a quick discussion with his pride mates, and they head off to rescue the omega in question. With any luck, she will choose them. If not, they will have to charm her. Either way, Olivia is theirs.


Series – The Omega Next Door
ISBN – 978-1-989892-89-3
Author – Viola Grace


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