(Book 11 Obscure Magic series)
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Working in a niche market was not her intent, but the community has the need of her. No one can clear a house like she can.

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Hannah’s life has taken a weird turn. She has survived an attack by an ancient entity, gotten transformed into a dark elf, and shacked up with the first guy to possess her mind. It has been a really odd few weeks.

Now that she is stable and settled in, she finds herself in XIA custody, more or less. Neekil moved in.

With one dark elf on the surface, Neekil’s family asks him to guide his brothers into the modern world. Getting a place for them to stay is easy. They have volunteered to replace the enchanted mantlepiece at the mansion, and it is rather uncomfortable to watch them work.

Hannah has to adapt to new circumstances again when the mayor requests her help in clearing uninhabited homes. The problem is, their inhabitants aren’t human or extranatural; they are something else entirely.

She had better get started.