(Book 4 An Obscure Magic Series)
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She never wanted to inherit, but being trapped in an altered body on a magical property has its perks. The 24-hour guard.

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In a flash of agony, Adrea knew her Aunt Neadra was dead. Waking in hospital was strange enough, but having her colouring changed to that of her dead relative was a little hard to take.

Adrea called the authorities to let them know her aunt had been murdered and made the three-hour trip to get to her aunt’s home.

Shockingly, things get out of control from there. She is arrested, questioned and released back to Ritual Space, where she has to seal the breach in the wards with her own blood.

Officer Hyl Luning is assigned to watch her, but he had better be quick, because she has an agenda that even she isn’t sure of.