Owed a Night (e-Book)


(Book 12 An Obscure Magic Series)
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Keeping her nephew safe is her focus, and she applies to an orc clan for protection. The price is set at one night.

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Jennel is looking to settle down, and Redbird City is the place for it. She and her nephew, Corit, are looking for a place they can be safe from hostile orc clans and a decades-old vision.

She registers as an elemental with the local mayor’s office, and they connect her with the orc clan speaker. She can apply to him to gain protection for her nephew and, hopefully, entry into a clan.

Once she’s registered, she returns to her new house to meet the movers, and a parade of orcs moves stuff from the van to the house when she meets her new neighbor.

Day-ek just got off a shift and noticed the fae woman sitting on the deck and a set of three orcs moving furniture into the house. He comes over to introduce himself, and he takes in her curves and the very frank assessment she gives him and offers to give her a hand.
Jennel introduces Day-ek to Corit, and when her mention of having to meet the speaker inspires a grin, she gets a funny feeling about her neighbor.

When she meets the speaker and he gives her that cheeky grin while he demands a night with him for each of the three clans he speaks for, she knows that Corit is safe, and she’s got a date. And then… things get complicated.



Title – Owed a Night
Series – An Obscure Magic
Author – Viola Grace
ISBN – 978-1-989892-95-4


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