Running Red (e-Book)


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The Red Prince has escaped his home world and his arranged marriage. The Little Wolf has been dispatched to bring him home… intact enough for his bride.

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When the queen announced that her son was going to be wed in ten days, Solari felt nothing. When it was noticed that he had escaped, she felt nothing. When she was assigned to chase after him, she was irritated.
With her beast locked in her body by a subduing tether, Solari has lived the last ten years half alive as a member of the queen’s wolves. Heading into space is the last place she wants to be, but she knows where Prince Hazwell is going, there is only one place to start a journey in the area. He is heading toward his grandmother’s house… or space station.
Hazwell has never considered a married life where Solari wasn’t in the picture, but she was made into one of his mother’s guards, and they were not up for grabs. The announcement of his engagement had come as a shock, and his crimson guards spirited him away to his grandmother’s space station where he could get a long-range ship and figure out what he wanted to do next. The trouble was that his grandmother did nothing for free, and his performance in the arena is a requirement for his acquisition of the ship.
When the Little Wolf also enters the arena, all bets are on.


Series: Stand Alone Tales
Published: June 23, 2020
Words: 19,720
Language: English
ISBN: 9781989892190


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