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    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb When her sister is murdered by a criminal, Zera sets a plan into action to seek revenge on her own terms. She might enlist a little help
    Read More*warning. contains sexual situations that may not be enjoyed by all readers. mf, fmm, ffmm, and a few fetishes* Zera has grown up on a world where actives develop superpowers and are less than fifteen percent of the population. It is expected that actives serve society, but some of them have other ideas. Zera is a master of weapons design, but her active nature is that of a hopper. She can literally jump into someone else’s body and hide inside. Her sister, Susara, is Suit Bait. She projects vulnerability, which attracts the right and wrong type of interest. When Susara’s soul is shattered and she is left to die, Zera sets a series of actions in motion that involve a superhero escort service, patrons who pay extensively for the pleasure of a superhuman partner, and clients with very specific needs. The Blind Date Corporation arranges dates between patrons and the escorts, while the escorts wear a mask that covers their eyes and blurs the memories of the patrons so that no stalker issues arise. The company is flourishing until one of the original patrons from the days before the masks outs Zera as an escort, and the entire plan of revenge for Susa’s death ramps up a notch. Super.
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    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb At the end of her contract, she is about to be freed when an attack brings on her rising, and lives are at stake. Now, her life is no longer her own.
    Read MoreDylia was bonded as a private musician for the wealthy. She spent five years paying off her brother’s debts, and the day before she was to be free of the bond, her future plans went up in smoke. Using the bad judgment to get between a psycho and his prey, Dylia was the recipient of a blaster using kekxite energy. She was sent flying, and her dress was ruined, but the stalker wasn’t done yet. Dylia walked to stop the next blast, caught it, and sent it back through the gun. It shattered and disabled the attacker, but she had a bigger problem. The kekxite had brought on her rising. Farway was on duty when he got the call to get to a rising. Instead of the normal body count, he found a man who was wounded but still alive and a shuttle heading for a lake. The wild power signatures were pulsing inside the ship. This being was intensely strong. The hovering above the lake was odd, but he kept back. The rising was ready to blow. The delicate woman who stood on the open hatch and seemed to be waiting for something caught him by surprise. He watched as she timed things out, and when she felt it was time, she jumped. The Cascades of power pulsed out of her, harmlessly into the air. She fell for five seconds and could have powered a city with her output. She struck the water; he retrieved her and then flew her to the training center where she would get medical help and training. As a rising, she belonged to the empire. She belonged to him.
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    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Krys is pulled across dimensions by a mage who wants to feed her to a sleeping monster. She should have gone out with friends instead.
    Read MoreOne minute, Krys is in the shower; the next minute, she is swept across time and space to act as an offering to an ancient protector locked in stone. The rules are simple. She fails any of the challenges, and she can go home, but she is a determined over-achiever. A mage is assigned to keep her maintained, and he is also her coach and reference guide when it comes to dealing with the challenges and the complications of being a human on an alien world. Nen is a good instructor, and he has an eye toward her wellbeing. The moment that the protector wakes, he requires power. Krys had no idea that Kel was going to have to get it from her. Power turns to pleasure and exponentially clarifies and produces more energy than ever before. She has three days to help save a world, and then, she will be sent home. How can life at home compare with the embrace of two men who make her their entire focus? Well, mainly men... a lot of something else.
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    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb He didn’t want her. He didn’t request her. But now that she is carrying his legacy he is not letting her go.
    Read MoreDekora travelled the stars to get medical treatment for a friend. Once she arrived on Gryphal, she had to get to work in order to pay for everything her friend needed. New organs aren’t cheap. Dekora takes a contract that puts her in harms way, and after a burning tree collapses on her she needs to find another means to make money. The research doctor arrives and makes her an offer. Gryphal needs a new hero born from the genetics of their current champion. She is the first viable match that they have found. If she agrees to donate an egg, she will get the funds for her friend’s care. She agrees and wakes up in a different wing of the med center with a cheerful nurse announcing her pregnancy. Khed Amur is notified that his legacy is assured, and he keeps an eye on the news feeds and hospital monitors. When the second attempt on his carrier’s life makes the news, he sweeps in to take her somewhere safe... with him. Life with a team of superheroes takes getting used to, but as Dekora’s pregnancy advances at an alarming pace she finds out that the life inside her isn’t the only change she’s going through. Things are about to get complicated.


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