Blood on the Snow


(Book 4 Betas in Waiting Series)
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No good deed goes unpunished. A snowy bit of assistance links her to a blood alpha and sends her into a world she never asked for.

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Coralynn does just enough to get by. There is no point in trying harder; the world always pulls her down.

She works at a restaurant in a ridiculous outfit and is ordered to rescue a limo and help some wealthy investors get to their establishment. It is the moment that Coralynn’s life skids sideways.

Meeting a blood alpha in the snow was surprising. Having him show up at her home was astonishing. Feeling her body changing to accommodate him is disturbing.

She becomes his lover, shares his bed, and starts to believe that her life might stay bright, and then, an attack, injuries, and a long recovery time with the book club’s caretakers makes her re-evaluate her place in the world and how lonely life was when the trust was brutally destroyed.



Title – Blood on the Snow
Series – Betas in waiting
ISBN – 978-1-990635-06-9
Author – Viola Grace


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