Dodging The Alpha


(Book 1 The Betas in Waiting Series)
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She wants her boss, so she leaves. He wants her, so he follows. Negotiating for her time, he manages a date, and she begins dodging the alpha. Fate will have to take steps.

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Nora was an excellent administrative assistant until the day a business associate of her boss made an aggressive pass. She tells her boss, and he tells her to thicken her skin, having heard the other male’s version of the event. She can toughen up or quit. She chooses the option that will stop the pain of the dismissal.

Sabin is shocked when he finds out she is leaving, and he’s devastated when he learns that it is her last day. He had enjoyed having her next to him, breathing in her scent all day every day and spent many hours trying to find a way around the whole employee-employer thing, but now, it was solved for him. A frantic kiss tells him what she tastes like at long last, and now, he has to find a way to get her back to his side.

Nora ends up in a situation where she smells like a hot omega and is at a party full of alphas. Sabin is there and offers his help for the bargain price of one night.

That night spins into events that will echo through their lives, and defying families, a curse, and stalkers, they make their way to a family future.



Title – Dodging The Alpha
*New Series* – Betas in Waiting
Author – Viola Grace
ISBN – 978-1-990635-03-8


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