Fighting Beta (e-Book)


Series – Betas in Waiting book 10
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At her sister’s wedding, Olly meets the man who rejected her attempt to explain that she was his beta. Now she has to deal with him changing his mind.

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Olly got an invitation from her sister’s groom. She made sure that she was there on the day and watched every ceremony as it happened. Polly was glorious.

The only thing that marred the day was that her heat was starting, and the one man who could sense it was there. If she goes through a heat with him, there might be no result, but it would mean she might go a year with her body quiet and calm.

The mating is a disaster, but when it is over, she leaves her surprised mate and tries to resume her normal life.

Normal was never going to darken her door again.

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Title – Fighting Beta
Series – Betas in Waiting
Book – 10
ISBN – 978-1-990635-24-3
Author – Viola Grace


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