(Book 3 Shattered Stars Series)
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A stranger walks through the woods and offers to take her from her broken world. Hell yes. With conditions.

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With the asteroid looming, she makes a run for a family farm and the animals therein. After the crash with communications cut off, she lives a routine of subsistence and survival with no other soul to speak to.
When a stranger walks up to her, silver skin and black hair, he introduces himself and offers her a way out. Life in the stars with him. She counters that her animals have to come as well. There is some negotiation, and he agrees to send her a tutor so that this is all done legally. Then, he flies away.
To her surprise, her hallucination was as good as his word, and she is swept into a world of etiquette, manners, and languages.
Her life in the stars has a specific pattern. She is a body servant, a bondservant, a companion, and a mistress, but she has to do it all with the same haircut. Tricky stuff.