(Book 1 Shattered Stars Series)
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Hannah wants nothing more than to pay off her bond and live free, but her patron has other ideas and centuries to keep her. Body and soul.

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After a planet-killing asteroid, humanity has to huddle under shelters and live in the dimmest of places. A year of brutal survival and the breakdown of society leave Hannah less than hopeful of her prospects in the new world.

A message in the darkness offers a lifeline to those who wish to leave Earth to be bonded servants to alien masters. For most, the price of their bond will be labour, but for Hannah, it turns into something else.

With a stunningly high sensuality rating, she is a prime sexual bondservant and the bidding for her services ends with an amount that breaks records.

Her patron is a male with wings who belongs to a species that does more than need sex; they consume it.

Mero only needs to look at her, and he is hungrier than he has ever been.