I Dated a Legal Devil (e-Book)


Series – Blind Date Corporation book 9
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A bachelorette party brings Drin to the attention of the boss of the nightclub, Hell. Her problem is that he’s a long-standing crush and patron, and he knows it.

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Drin has a miserable life. She is constantly scrounging for money, fighting for respect, and hiding her activation. As far as she knows, she is a muse. She gives her targets inspiration and intellect, but her body pays the price. A metabolic active uses their body to power their manifestation, and Drin spends her life hungry as her body burns power to survive in public.

She is asked to sing in public to help a bachelorette gain a win in a live singing competition, but she ends up going against the city’s most popular male singer. They sing a duet, and her opponent is so thrilled that he grabs her and kisses her. She drops him with her knee, and the club goes silent.

The devil emerges and walks toward her. She sees him coming and is shocked to see her best friend’s brother approaching her, and she’s stunned when he kisses her in front of several hundred partiers. He sweeps her to his lair, and they have a short conversation involving her work for the Blind Date Corporation as his escort.

A day later and she’s being arrested for breaking a restraining order. Her best friend’s family has blocked her, but now, she is hauled to lock-up for talking to Vikor. Things can only get better from there, right?

When the devil arrives to defend her, her case is won, and her heart is lost.

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Title – I Dated a Legal Devil
Series – Blind Date Corporation
ISBN – 978-1-990635-15-1
Author – Viola Grace


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