The Wedding Hunt – Ylara (e-Book)


Series – Blind Date Corporation book 7
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Ylara just wanted to enjoy the wedding. Her heat should have been under control. Attracting one alpha would have been bad enough, but having her choice out of three makes her head spin.

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Ylara had a lovely time at Vallu’s wedding. She caught the bouquet, danced the night away, and only then noticed that her dance partners followed her every move. She panics and tries to make a break for it, but they block her path.

She does what any sensible woman would do; she hides in a broom closet and calls for help from every friend or family member she can think of.

When her troops arrive, they offer support and a plan. Sabine urges her to choose her alpha to help deal with her heat. They all know what torture it is to leave it unanswered, so leave her to make up her mind.

Picking the guy with the giant scorpion tail might not have been the most sensible thing, but it feels right. When he holds her close and promises to take care of her, she believes him.

Whether she trusts him is another matter entirely.

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Title – The Wedding Hunt – Ylara
Series – The Blind Date Corporation Book 8
Author – Viola Grace
ISBN –  978-1-990635-13-7


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