I Dated a Mob Wolf


(Book 5 Blind Date Corporation Series)
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He had been her favourite date, so she arranged for him to be the father of her child… should she have told him?

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Vallu spent over five years as an escort with the Blind Date Corporation. On her last date, she used her activation to provide her with something she needed… a child. She just didn’t tell him. How likely was it that he would run into her in the real world? He was from an island in the bay; she was from a suburb. If she hadn’t stopped downtown for a hotdog, nothing would have happened.

Etgar has been searching for Five for four months, and while the management of BDC has been no help, he holds out hope that she will be in his arms again… off-contract. When he catches her scent near a hotdog vendor, he follows the scent to the source. She denies her identity as Five, but her scent doesn’t lie. The bright green eyes are a surprise, as is getting shot in the back by a drive-by assassin.

Vallu heals him in the vehicle as his bodyguards recover him, and he refuses to leave without her. She focuses on stopping the bleeding and repairing him as the men drive them to safety. Well, safety for Etgar. The island he lives on is his family home, and they own it all. She has just been dropped into his own little kingdom, but she has some conditions to remain with him. It isn’t like she has had four months to plan or anything.


Series – Blind Date Corporation
ISBN – 978-1-989892-87-9
Author – Viola Grace


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