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Series – Betas in Waiting book 15
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Stuck with the scars of an impulsive decision, Ula finds herself in the clutches of those who offer to help… for a price.

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Ula is volunteering at a day camp when one of her co-volunteers notices that she is having difficulty. He helps to get in touch with a healer to help her through a past issue, and it starts her in a tumble down a rabbit hole with alphas her only option to land on.

Ula’s best friend, Merry, supports her in her introduction to the fox alphas that match Ula’s bunny. With a deep sigh, Merry leaves Ula to introduce herself to her final alpha and settles down in the club to wait.

Merry feels a tingle on her skin and studiously avoids looking to her right where her own alphas are enjoying their evening. Of course, they didn’t know they were hers, but she did. Her beast had taken her out and tattooed their beasts on her back. It was hard not to know when the marks were staring at her in the mirror when she dressed in the morning.

Their attention is caught, and they focus on her and the tattoos visible in her cocktail dress. Understanding dawns quickly, and when she opens her wings to get away, it sets a series of events in motion that have her in their arms before the evening is out.

As best friends, they have always done things together, but Ula and Merry have to draw the line at sharing mates. They each have more than enough to keep them busy.

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Title – OutFoxed

Series – Betas in Waiting
Book – 15
ISBN – 978-1-990635-33-5


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