Tearing the Sky (e-Book)


Series – Shattered Stars book 11
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She left Earth to survive as a labourer, but things changed, and she was swept up in finding a new life that made her old one look like purgatory.

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Getting herself and her sister through the end of the world would have been a lot easier if Lily hadn’t been at her high school reunion. Taking care of over a dozen whining women had grated on her nerves. Getting to the rescue vessels had been a relief.

Iris breezed through the training and learned as many languages as possible. She made some friends outside her collected group, but none of that meant anything when she was bundled into a sleeping pod and launched into space with the rest.

She woke up with her sister nearby, and the rest of her arrival day went in a blur. There was a rushed landing, a sandstorm, and then a man, who smelled like summer, rescued her from the new world that was trying to kill her.

She was given a few scans, and he insisted she gets medical treatment for old injuries. Time went by, and when she was discharged from the med centre, she had an interesting diagnosis for her current status. She was a companion class Terran, and Yavor was a Hmrain in search of a companion. It was like he had this planned all along.

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Title – Tearing the Sky
Series – Shattered Stars
Book – 11
ISBN – 978-1-990635-17-5
Author – Viola Grace


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