The Other Alpha’s Baby


(Book 3 Betas in Waiting Series)
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Andrea’s an abused omega, and Dell is a neglected beta. After time and shared trauma, they end up bonding in a pack made to protect the omega, and it changes to support the beta.

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Andy was trapped in a relationship that was forced on her. Her finances were depleted on a regular basis. She couldn’t choose her own life, car, associates. He even decided she should bear his child when his wife wouldn’t.

His sudden death was more relief than burden, and her body immediately undergoes a transformation from stunted beta to petite omega. Only her terror is holding her back now. A friend she has known for years steps in and helps hold her up. He finds her a pack and helps her embrace her new designation and all it means. The pack finds her an assistant to manage life with five males.

Dell is a woman who has seen the dark side of alphas. When she is offered the chance to work with and for Andrea, she accepts and helps her through the loss of the child she never chose but still looked forward to. Dell had her own experience a few years earlier.

The day she meets Andrea’s pack, Dell is prepared to stand in the shadows, but her own nature puts her into the path of one of the alphas, and he is delighted to finally have a breeding mate of his very own.

Balancing her job and her lover will be difficult as the pack pulls tight, with Andrea and Dell firmly in the middle.



Title – The Other Alpha’s Baby
Series – Betas in Waiting #3
Author – Viola Grace
ISBN – 978-1-990635-04-5


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