Blood Binding (e-Book)


Series – An Obscure City book 2
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Contracted to a wolf pack, she makes a choice that frees her body and shakes the very stone around her. Bound magic is still dangerous.

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Atty is contracted to a wolf pack to fulfill a prophecy, and they have educated her to be a good mate to their upcoming king. The night before her wedding makes her throw fate to the winds, and the next day at the ceremony, she rejects all that she had been raised to expect and makes a run for it.

Her exit from the pack did not leave her unscathed, so she drives as far as she can and pleads her case to the moon when forced to walk. She sits and draws patterns on the stone under her before feeling serenity flow through her and giving her the strength to continue her journey.

Years pass as she goes from menial jobs to manager positions to opening her own café in a downtown highrise. When she meets the building owner, there is something familiar about him, and the familiar thing is her own magic in a huge grey body covered with carved glyphs. How he got her power is a mystery, but the look in his eyes says that they have met before. She hates to think it, but he’s right.

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Title – Blood Binding

Series – An Obscure City
Book – 2
ISBN – 978-1-990635-29-8
Author – Viola Grace


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