(Book 5 An Obscure Magic Series)
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Trading her services to a vampire king is a price Leo pays gladly, but her human life is not on the table.

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Leonora has managed to save her pregnant sister from a vampire attack, but to insure the safety of her sister and niece, Leo is willing to pay with everything but her life.

Covered in her own blood, she approaches the Mayor of Redbird City – who happens to be the local vampire king – and makes a deal. She will serve him as his assistant if he will keep her sister and niece from being torn apart.

Matthias agrees willingly to take on a new assistant and sends his men out to keep her sister safe. It is the beginning of a partnership that will make her his apprentice, send her to negotiate for dragons, visit crime scenes and keep her doing his bidding while her sister’s attackers rally and prepare to try again.

Leo picks up her baseball bat and gets ready for the fight of her life.