Snowflake Unbound


(Book 2 Betas in Waiting Series)
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She’s raised a child to near adulthood and found him a mentor to help him out. She has one thing left on her to-do list, and that is to find the moron who knocked her up and kick that scaly idiot in the jaws.

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Luna has gone through the last seventeen years keeping herself and her son alive and cared for. She has needed dragon fire and used all means to get it. Her history is now something that she would have been mortified to hear about from another source, but she has survived, and that is what matters.

With Erik learning how to be a dragon alpha from another dragon alpha, she is free to help friends and finally start enjoying her life a little while she looks for the dragon who has locked her body so it can’t support itself. It has made for a challenging few years.

To compound complexity, Erik’s father looked a little different from the standard driver’s license photo. It was a man-sized dragon who loved her that night and left her on her own… and she has to find him to get control of her life again.



Title – Snowflake Unbound
Series – Betas in Waiting #2
Author – Viola Grace
ISBN – 978-1-990635-05-2


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