Hunted Bride (e-Book)


Series – Betas in Waiting book 9
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The claw marks on her back came out of nowhere. Being tackled in a hot spring by a businessman, who is a real ogre when the occasion calls, leads her down a path she didn’t expect.

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Polly had claw marks appear on her back after a business meeting. She didn’t tell anyone, but in hot spring culture, it became harder to conceal. She made the mistake of turning her back on the alpha with her boss, and the rest was history. She broke his nose, and he proposed. That stunned her enough to consider it, and the courtship began.

Her boss kept an eye on her, and Minoru eased her into the idea of marriage. In the process of wedding prep, Polly met a bunch of women who each had a different mark on their back, and they bonded under the weight of being marked for alphas they hadn’t even met by a hand they hadn’t seen.

In addition to that, Polly was dealing with threats from her sister’s pack, and after a few kidnapping attempts, her alpha stepped in. Who knew that wedding prep was so complicated.

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Title – Hunted Bride
Series – Betas in Waiting
Book – 9
ISBN – 978-1-990635-23-6
Author – Viola Grace


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