Fairytale Flicker (e-Book)


Series – Betas in Waiting book 7
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Issa went from ex-stripper to intoxicant with one touch of an alpha. Spending years with her skin hidden, she gets the shock of her life after a wedding when a friend introduces her to a familiar face, and her body goes wild… again.

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Issa lived her last few years in shadows, going out with all her skin covered until she attended a friend’s wedding and bumped into the guy who started it all for her. He just wants a hookup, and she doesn’t want to play, so she leaves him and returns home after the wedding.

Covered up after a nocturnal grocery run, she finds two men on her porch, and one is her would-be hookup. The alphas agree to court her, and she agrees to let them… with conditions.

There is a rough start, an awkward mistake, and a truce before they can begin moving forward to join the magic that binds them.

Daynette met her alpha years ago, then attacked the same night. She had no memory of the night but one adorable souvenir. When one of Issa’s mates recognizes the little girl’s distinctive features, he makes a call. Daynette’s world tilts as she ends up looking up into eyes that look exactly like her daughter’s. Oh boy. She really wished she could remember their time together.

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Title – Fairytale Flicker
Series – Betas in Waiting
Book – 7
ISBN – 978-1-990635-22-9
Author – Viola Grace


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