• e-Book
    (Book 2 Distant Fairy Tales Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb An accidental meeting leads to a connection that will last forever... if they ever meet again.
    Read MoreEjected from her home, Nyna is forced to run across the city to her grandmother’s house. If she had known it was the night of her first heat, she might have jumped into the sewers instead of trying to outrun the huntsmen of the Overlord of Y’tel.

    Trapped in a colony city, she runs as fast as she can wearing her red cloak. The canine heads of the Lyron hunters focus on her, but they are waiting for the bell that lets them hunt. She hates that damned bell.

    Sornoth sees the flicker of red, catches her scent, and waits impatiently, quickly beating the fellow huntsmen who would have pursued her before he chases after her himself.

    When he catches her, the taste of her burns itself into his brain, and after he marks her, he sends her on to her destination. It will be two and a half years before they meet again, and when he meets his son for the first time, things change.

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Trained, stalked, and marked for death was not her plan for the day. Time for a road trip to clear her head.
    Read MoreTrin has trained to be stealthy, trained to defend herself, but when a bounty on her head threatens the safety of her friends, she has to get out of town. Visiting a friend and mixing business with her escape, she learns that dragons mixing their bloodlines may be more common than anyone thought. She spends enough time in Breaker City ordering tea and ceramics to figure out what she wants to do next, and what she wants to do is find out who and where she came from. Learning the details of her family tree leaves her shaken, but nothing can hold her back when it comes to following her instincts. Not even the very folk she came to meet.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Monstrous Ball Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Connecting to the sea is one thing; taking a sea monster police chief as a lover is quite another...
    Read MoreMara doesn’t know why she’s on the ferry to Monster Island, but she knows that a job is waiting. She goes through orientation, meets the local police chief, and is taken to her assignment and residence. She’s going to be a waitress.

    Tyron has spent thousands of years waiting to find a human to act as a mate. When he meets Mara, he senses that she has a lovely spirit with a longing for the water, but that’s it. Arabella identifies her as a likely candidate for Tyron, so he made sure to put her where he could find her at his restaurant.

    On her day off, he gives her an invitation to the ball but being uncharacteristically impatient, he proposes a date before the full moon.

    Can a woman who can’t remember her past consider a future with a monster classified as ancient and terrible? Of course. At least she can see this monster coming. It’s purple.

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Blind Date Corporation Series) She has something he wants, and it’s embarrassing. Pretending she’s normal loses its appeal in the arms of her own assassin.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Living as human prey beneath the earth, Fiona knew that anything would be better than the life that stretched ahead. The stars made an offer and she took it.
    Read MoreUsed as a sexual trading card between the rich and powerful survivors of the lethal impact has left Fiona with an urge for change. She needs out and the offer from an alien race to be a bondservant until she paid out her transport and training is an offer she wants to take them up on. Once on the education base she gets the help she needs to feel something again, and that training is going to come in useful when her test results come back and place her in an elite group of humans who can be of use to the Hmrain. Aarak has just learned about the humans from his sibling, and as he was in the area, he decided to see if another human could be found with the high sensuality rating that his people needed to feed. He wasn’t thinking of his people, he was thinking of securing a long-term bond mate that would serve him as he needed it. He could never have anticipated the wounded woman with the heart of gold who brought up instincts he never knew he had.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Dancer craves social interaction, so when she takes the chance to run, she heads to the mall.
    Read MoreDancer joined the exodus from the workshop in a chance to experience life and possibly love. She focuses on life and finds herself working in a mall as a security guard. Watching humans in their preparations for Christmas gives her a feeling of purpose and renews her energy for the holiday. A new photographer at Santa’s Grotto gains a crowd and Dancer’s admiration. He handles children with skill and coaxes smiles out of the most recalcitrant little ones. Dancer catches his eye, and she acknowledges the mutual attraction. A bit of light flirting and fending off attackers creates a bond that definitely embodies the spirit of giving
  • e-Book
    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Her mates are her own, with one waiting in the wings. Now, she needs to finish what she started and get a little revenge at the same time.
    Read MoreOlivia has been rescued from years of torture and is working to settle into a life with her mates and the omega next door and another feline alpha who wants to join their group. She is gaining confidence, friends, and now, there is one thing to do... go on dates with her mates. Oh, and she has to finish a very important memoir.


    What follows is a meeting, a realization, and a rescue that changes not only Olivia’s life but that of her pride as well.

    Argus is just going to a family wedding rehearsal when he begins hearing the phrase defective omega. He has researched a lot of omegas, and there is no such thing as a defective one. When he realizes that these words are describing the dainty little woman who helped his panthers get settled, he has a quick discussion with his pride mates, and they head off to rescue the omega in question. With any luck, she will choose them. If not, they will have to charm her. Either way, Olivia is theirs.

  • e-Book
    (Book 1 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Forced into a one-week ride-along with agents of the XIA, Benny tries to hide the fact that she isn’t quite human.
    Read MoreBenny has lived her life in the shadows, avoiding the public eye. Her life as a recipe blogger pays the bills and lets her socialize, but she is about to get the assignment of a lifetime. Her boss orders her into a one-week ride-along with agents of the XIA, the eXtranormal Investigation Agency. It is the anniversary of the agency, and they need to improve their exposure with the general public. Against her objections, she is paired with a standard set of agents—a vampire, a shifter, and a fey. They are willing to work with her, and it is only when she signs the waivers that she learns why. They all read her column. A week doesn’t seem like much time to learn about an organization that deals with things most folks don’t enjoy thinking about, but it whips past when the assignments go from casual crime to murders that have one pivot point. Benny.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A would-be magus with studying on her mind must deal with a possible suitor and her feisty hellkitten.
    Read MoreImara made it through her first term without too many issues, but now that she is in the second term, a magic-draining fiend is stalking the students, and her familiar is bored with guiding her through the early stages of magic. He has taken to giving her misinformation to see if she can use her own judgments. It is a challenge she doesn’t really need. XIA agents are taking courses at the college, and one of them ends up next to Imara during her ethics course. A few conversations lead to a lunch date, and now, she must determine if a social life is worth more than her scholastic one. Mr. E just likes going on lunch dates. The servers swoon over his cute fuzziness. He is no help at all.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb She’s raised a child to near adulthood and found him a mentor to help him out. She has one thing left on her to-do list, and that is to find the moron who knocked her up and kick that scaly idiot in the jaws.
    Read MoreLuna has gone through the last seventeen years keeping herself and her son alive and cared for. She has needed dragon fire and used all means to get it. Her history is now something that she would have been mortified to hear about from another source, but she has survived, and that is what matters.

    With Erik learning how to be a dragon alpha from another dragon alpha, she is free to help friends and finally start enjoying her life a little while she looks for the dragon who has locked her body so it can’t support itself. It has made for a challenging few years.

    To compound complexity, Erik’s father looked a little different from the standard driver’s license photo. It was a man-sized dragon who loved her that night and left her on her own... and she has to find him to get control of her life again.

  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Programming nanites isn’t a hobby; it is in her blood. Time to break the mold and see what she can do.
    Read MoreLucky was holding the bomb that blew the staff of Adaptation Base to pieces. Instead of suffering from the blast, the acid in the device consumed her soft tissues. From the moment she came out of medical on a new base, she has been working to assist the cyborgs of the base with customizing the fit and flex of their new adaptations. When her friends come for her, she is relieved, but the station isn’t interested in parting with her quite that easily. The resulting hostilities drive some wedges in the two factions, but a Splice attack has everyone seeing sense in no time. Nervous around human men, her friends assign Lucky a bodyguard with large wings and rainbow eyes. He is polite, charming, a biologist, and very attentive. If he plays his cards right, he just might get Lucky.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A stranger walks through the woods and offers to take her from her broken world. Hell yes. With conditions.
    Read MoreWith the asteroid looming, she makes a run for a family farm and the animals therein. After the crash with communications cut off, she lives a routine of subsistence and survival with no other soul to speak to. When a stranger walks up to her, silver skin and black hair, he introduces himself and offers her a way out. Life in the stars with him. She counters that her animals have to come as well. There is some negotiation, and he agrees to send her a tutor so that this is all done legally. Then, he flies away. To her surprise, her hallucination was as good as his word, and she is swept into a world of etiquette, manners, and languages. Her life in the stars has a specific pattern. She is a body servant, a bondservant, a companion, and a mistress, but she has to do it all with the same haircut. Tricky stuff.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Her aunt is her roommate, assassins are closing in, and she still needs a dress for the dragon ball. Buckle up.
    Read MoreAfter finding out where she actually came from, Trin is now trying to hide from the family who wants her genes for analysis and who wants her aunt Meadra back. Hiding in Breaker City works for a while, but when kidnappers and assassins threaten those who have tried to keep them safe, Trin decides that a return to the capitol is what she needs. She knows where everything is and how to defend herself in the place she grew up. Hiding with friends is far superior to hiding alone. Apraxa is back from the sea kingdom, and she has no inclination to return for the present. Her mother is abusive, and her fiancé is a bit of a jerk. She joins their merry band and heads out with them to the dragon ball. If she can’t get over her fiancé, perhaps there is another dragon who would do as well. Meadra needs a mate for security, Apraxa needs one to spite her fiancé, and Trin is going to destroy any dragoness who gets near Brommin before she can. That nerd is hers!
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Being lucky was all she knew until the man from her past ends up auditing her active status, and she has to choose to run or stay. Run it is.
    Read MoreTirra has had it rough. She started out as a victim, turned into an asset, and ended up as a survivor. Her active life had started in an unorthodox way; her career was the result of years of focus and working for Z-Tech as an executive trainer made it easy for her to transition into designing the training plan for the different escorts of the Blind Date Corporation.

    She spent five years working with the escorts and creating connections with restaurants, hotels, and other venues where dates would take place. As the resort was opened in Aksalla, she was chosen for the position of management when her past arrives to audit her active skills as an analyst. She is shocked by the appearance of the man she used to dread and desire with equal measure.

    Gorith had a party trick that could set any woman off with two points of contact. It had helped him carve out a niche when he was undercover, but when he met the manager of the resort, the echo from his past became a roar for the future. He might be classified as a monster, but he brought the same out in her, and together, they are going to have to fight their way through the dates, protocols, and a family wedding that he wasn’t prepared for.

  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Her magic is coming along, her kitten is still deadly, and she is about to make an actual friend. Controlling weather is simple by comparison.
    Read MoreSky Breaking seemed like a useful course, but its usefulness lay in the amount of credits that would count toward Imara’s degree. Once she is in the course, she meets the only other student, and they strike an unlikely friendship. Kitigan is a seer who has an interest in farming and apiculture, weather magic is part of that peculiar parcel. After a series of classes that turn into tests, Imara is happy to head to Kitty’s farm for a weekend away from school, and Mr. E wants to head out and ride some sheep. Everybody has something to do, including the trespassing werewolf pack that just moved in next to Kitty’s family farm. Imara has to walk the fine line between guest and defender while taking her Death Keeper skills for a spin. Her weekend is anything but relaxing.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Prancer loves big machines, and what gets a person in the mood for Christmas like a snow plow?
    Read MorePrancer has no problem with her place on the team, but she wants to experience some of the wonderful new vehicles she has been seeing every Christmas Eve. When she enters the human world, she assigns herself to drive a snow plow. It is everything she wants at a safe distance from any and all human interference. She wants to watch them, not be among them. It worked out well for her until the night she hit the snowman on the side of the road, and it was occupied. Merkoss thought he was on his way to intercepting one of the reindeer with a few weeks to go. He leaves the workshop and ends up encased in a snowman, moving through time as well as space. After being struck by the snow plow, he finds himself facing his target, but he only has twenty-four hours to convince her that she should return to the workshop. Time is of the essence.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb Andrea’s an abused omega, and Dell is a neglected beta. After time and shared trauma, they end up bonding in a pack made to protect the omega, and it changes to support the beta.
    Read MoreAndy was trapped in a relationship that was forced on her. Her finances were depleted on a regular basis. She couldn’t choose her own life, car, associates. He even decided she should bear his child when his wife wouldn’t.

    His sudden death was more relief than burden, and her body immediately undergoes a transformation from stunted beta to petite omega. Only her terror is holding her back now. A friend she has known for years steps in and helps hold her up. He finds her a pack and helps her embrace her new designation and all it means. The pack finds her an assistant to manage life with five males.

    Dell is a woman who has seen the dark side of alphas. When she is offered the chance to work with and for Andrea, she accepts and helps her through the loss of the child she never chose but still looked forward to. Dell had her own experience a few years earlier.

    The day she meets Andrea’s pack, Dell is prepared to stand in the shadows, but her own nature puts her into the path of one of the alphas, and he is delighted to finally have a breeding mate of his very own.

    Balancing her job and her lover will be difficult as the pack pulls tight, with Andrea and Dell firmly in the middle.

  • e-Book

    Three Thousand Roses

    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Lexa’s life has been a fight, but now, an alpha from her past has offered her protection and safety with the help of two others. For her daughter’s safety, she will pay their price.
    Read MoreLexa’s debut as an omega was traumatic and left her scarred. She has spent the five years since fighting to keep her adopted daughter and keep her sanity

    At the limit of her resources, there is a knock on her door, and the love of her life from five years earlier is standing there, and he finally asks her what happened after he left her. Her answers shake him, and he leaves. There is a certain amount of peace to seeing him again, and she gets on with her life.

    Two weeks later, he returns with an offer of protection and safety with two other alphas of his ursa type who have agreed to form a unit for her benefit. Lexa thinks about the safety of her daughter, and she agrees to meet the first of her prospective mates. His identity shocks her, and his clever tongue makes her head spin.

    The next prospect is terrifying, adorable, and enthusiastic. She gets lost in his arms, and she agrees to his protection. Her original mate from years ago is willing to stand aside and act as guardian, but it doesn’t feel right to ignore him. Their connection feels like it was never broken, and her heart aches for him. Can she really start anew with the man from her past and two charming strangers?

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Benny is swept on a quest to save her parents, and binding herself to her agents is all part of the plan. Who knew it was permanent?
    Read MoreBenny has completed the XIA course that will let her work with the agents she became close to while hunting a serial killer. It will take effect the moment they are cleared of demonic influence. Nothing like knowing that your blood is despised to make a girl feel wanted. After a night on the town with Freddy, Benny runs into the agents, and they are not only hogging her favourite taco joint, but they are interested in her social status. She is about to say yes to whatever they can come up with when she gets a call from her house, and the night goes downhill from there. Karaoke, kidnapping and binding spells make up the rest of the night when Benny must head to the demon zone and Argyle, Smith and Tremble refuse to let her go alone. Nothing like jumping into a dimensional prison to lock in a first date.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, No good deed goes unpunished. A snowy bit of assistance links her to a blood alpha and sends her into a world she never asked for.
    Read MoreCoralynn does just enough to get by. There is no point in trying harder; the world always pulls her down.

    She works at a restaurant in a ridiculous outfit and is ordered to rescue a limo and help some wealthy investors get to their establishment. It is the moment that Coralynn’s life skids sideways.

    Meeting a blood alpha in the snow was surprising. Having him show up at her home was astonishing. Feeling her body changing to accommodate him is disturbing.

    She becomes his lover, shares his bed, and starts to believe that her life might stay bright, and then, an attack, injuries, and a long recovery time with the book club’s caretakers makes her re-evaluate her place in the world and how lonely life was when the trust was brutally destroyed.

  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb She would do anything to survive, including getting herself damaged and off the companion list. A Hmrain finds her in an unlikely place for an unlikely partnership.
    Read MoreAthena made it to a pickup point, past the physical, and up to the education station. Her training was difficult, but when she found out she was a likely candidate for companionship to a Hmrain, she took drastic action. Being disfigured was the one situation that the station would accept to lower her classification and position her in the bulk-purchase category. Her bond would be purchased as part of a group acquisition, and she would be able to earn out her price on some alien world before she swept out to travel the stars, working as she went. With her goal in mind, she put herself in the path of the most toxic creature on the station, and she ticked it off. The resulting scar across her face did the job. She was out. It was just her luck that when she was on her new planet, she was very good at her job. Her team comes to the attention of the Hmrain overseer, and her planning has come to naught.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Inheritor of a family vendetta, getting revenge on the dragons has side effects that raise a lot of questions.
    Read MoreAll Aeli wanted was revenge for her father. She planned and schemed in secret, finally carrying out a plot that she had designed as a disgruntled teen. She takes the spell to the dragon council and lets the ball go, shattering, spreading the banishment spell, and kicking all the dragons out of the city in one large cascade. Imagine her surprise when she gets sucked out into the open wasteland outside the city, and the dragons know who is responsible for her plight. Councillor Kreelo comes to her rescue and flies her to safety where she comes to grips with what her banishment means and how it will affect her life. She had no idea she was a dragon and thinks it is ridiculous, but how else would the spell grab her. She needs to undo the spell so she can return to normal. If anyone in Rekker City will accept her apology.one to spite her fiancé, and Trin is going to destroy any dragoness who gets near Brommin before she can. That nerd is hers!
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb Alita lives for her horses, but she is pursued by a dragon alpha seeking her specifically. She’s an omega, but she’s in rough shape. Can dragon fire turn her from broken to whole?
    Read MoreAlita has been living in agony with damage from a crushing accident with her every minute of every day. She has found a sideline by working with other omegas as the equestrian in some music videos, but when she gets invited to a party for Lexa, she also falls into the arms of Lexa’s brother-in-law, the dragon alpha Nikolai.

    If Alita knew how close the dragon was to the surface, she would have run. He marks her with dragon fire, and she feels a relief from pain as scarred tissue knits and nerves are soothed.

    AWhen he shows up the next day with his beta Alexi, her family is appalled, but she knows that she has one chance at a life with a mate, an alpha and his beta. She gets in the helicopter, and that new life starts. Her life becomes her, her alpha, their beta, and Nikolai’s dragon. Only one of them never says please.

  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Forced to be a medic at a corrupt arena, Cracker dreams of getting one person on her side, and then, he shows up.
    Read MoreCracker’s life after the explosion was textbook. She only had one broken leg from the blast, but she was sent to the arena at the request of some retired generals, and there, she was altered into a lost leg with a tether running through it. She was delighted when communication with everyone as possible, and even if she had to hide her equipment, she had friends to talk to again. She hid her situation as best she could, but the day that she met the first-gen cyborg, she thought that things might just be turning around.. With a tiny drop of hope in her life, she asked Lucky for programs that would help her out of her situation, and her friend delivered. Cracker was now back in action.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Teaching the visitors about the holiday stars is fun until a man who burns brighter than the sun enters Vixen’s orbit.
    Read MoreVixen chooses life with astronomy, and she ends up as an educator and a researcher for a tiny observatory struggling to make ends meet. When Vi arrives, she makes an impression and takes over most of the day-to-day operations, which is fine until an elf comes calling. Xander has been sent to bring Vixen home, but he doesn’t know how he will go about convincing her that it is a good idea, until he asks her out and she tells him what she wants. Magic and wonder are the hallmarks of Christmas, and these two have it in spades.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb She has a crush on her boss and just knows he’s a demon in the sack. She just has to wait until she can find out firsthand.
    Read MoreArcady has worked for Z-Tech long enough to apply to their sister company, the Blind Date Corporation. With a tech-based blindfold, she goes on dates with other actives whose powers are compatible with her own.

    She has had a crush on her boss since the day she met him, but it was only when she started spending a few nights each week with other powered beings that he filed his own application to become one of her dates.

    Their first night is magical, but it ends in disaster that brings them close far more quickly than either imagined.

    Dr. Krizt goes from scientist to lover, but no matter his role, one thing is certain. He wants her body.

  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Stealing an ancient artifact is a strange test, but going up against her family and the law adds a new level of difficulty.
    Read MoreImara wants nothing more than to find a different course, but Stealth Magic gives her the credits she needs to stay on track and there aren’t any other options rearing their heads. Stealth Magic is not what she thought it would be, and the idea of breaking into a home to rob an ancient artifact for her final exam was a little daunting. Luckily, Imara has friends who are going to help her through training, some old and some new. Through some work with the XIA, she finds a tutor for her training, and a place to do it. Ritual Space offers her a welcome and the inhabitants set themselves to the monumental task of her training. The exam is getting closer and time is a factor. Mr. E just likes chasing the enchanted bunnies of Ritual Space.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb After facing demons and murderers, their greatest task is in front of them - meeting the in-laws.
    Read MoreWith her binding to her partners, Benny feels safe and settled. She wants to start her career in the XIA and make a place in that organization. The past rears up and has other ideas. The binding has its own issues. Their group has to meet and greet each family they are attached to and try to gain approval for their union. A different technique is required for each species, and they have to be ready for anything. True love might win the day, but politics is a pain in the butt.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Led by her dreams, she finds her way into the stars where fate conspires to put her exactly where she needs to be, in a hero’s path.
    Read MoreWhen her parents died, Lyra was untethered. She left school, followed her dreams, and focused on keeping herself alive. She is not a fan of people and enjoys being alone. After the asteroid hit, she spends sometime surviving and the rest looking for one of the evacuation posts. She finds it and agrees to the caveat that she will be given a job placement that suits her skills. Across the stars, she works as a security unit pilot, steering a large, heavy bot around and keeping watch over a rehab hospital for superheroes. As a hazing ritual, a few of the guardians sneak out to try and unmask the new security unit, so when confronted with a handsome man landing on her chest, she does what any girl would do. She shoots him in the face and then has to deal with the fallout of stunning the overseer’s only son. It isn’t love at first sight, but weeks later, when she is enjoying a day off, they collide under far more romantic circumstances, and their unorthodox courtship continues.
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