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    Three Thousand Roses

    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Lexa’s life has been a fight, but now, an alpha from her past has offered her protection and safety with the help of two others. For her daughter’s safety, she will pay their price.
    Read MoreLexa’s debut as an omega was traumatic and left her scarred. She has spent the five years since fighting to keep her adopted daughter and keep her sanity

    At the limit of her resources, there is a knock on her door, and the love of her life from five years earlier is standing there, and he finally asks her what happened after he left her. Her answers shake him, and he leaves. There is a certain amount of peace to seeing him again, and she gets on with her life.

    Two weeks later, he returns with an offer of protection and safety with two other alphas of his ursa type who have agreed to form a unit for her benefit. Lexa thinks about the safety of her daughter, and she agrees to meet the first of her prospective mates. His identity shocks her, and his clever tongue makes her head spin.

    The next prospect is terrifying, adorable, and enthusiastic. She gets lost in his arms, and she agrees to his protection. Her original mate from years ago is willing to stand aside and act as guardian, but it doesn’t feel right to ignore him. Their connection feels like it was never broken, and her heart aches for him. Can she really start anew with the man from her past and two charming strangers?

  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Destined Enchantment Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf Hiding from her demon lord has always seemed pointless, but she learned on the way. Now, she is ready to face him and her destiny.
    Read MoreShe has worn a dozen names in her foster parents’ efforts to hide her from her demon lord. The name she used at the healer academy was Emrie, so that is how she set up her practice. Tribute night was the demon lord’s birthday, and it was while she tended patients that she noted the time. She gets caught at a checkpoint and is forced to cover her presence with magic, but in her haste, she forgets one thing, her tribute. Demon Lord Harrow has been looking for his mate with increasing urgency as the years have gone by. When he is looking over his tribute from the village of Neemin, he catches a familiar scent. He has caught this scent only once before, but he knows it. She is near. He confirms that the guards at the checkpoint came in contact with his mate, and then, he sets out to do what he has been longing for, claiming his bride.
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    (Book 2 Destined Enchantment Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, PDB Training to be a queen, she just needs to find and enchant her king. Revenge can wait until she is settled. Viika barely survived her first night at the bride school. Waking up to being nursed by a demon was hard enough, but having Emrie sooth and heal her took her by surprise. The world around her was not what she had been told.
    Read MoreDemons were wise and powerful, wizards did not always know what they were doing. Witches were common for the powered folks, and Viika was an exception in the crowd. Controlling her hatred for the vampires who had tortured her meant learning to see them—and judge them—as individuals. It was a life lesson that helped her through the following years. Once she was grown, it was time to seek out her king or, rather, find a witch lord to raise to the position of king. He could only rise to power with a queen of his own, and she was willing to go shopping for her king. After a false start, she finds her match and sets about combining her power with his. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but he meets her advances head-on, and together, they set about restoring the balance in the place she once called home.
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    (Book 1 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb, .epub Hannah wants nothing more than to pay off her bond and live free, but her patron has other ideas and centuries to keep her. Body and soul.
    Read MoreAfter a planet-killing asteroid, humanity has to huddle under shelters and live in the dimmest of places. A year of brutal survival and the breakdown of society leave Hannah less than hopeful of her prospects in the new world. A message in the darkness offers a lifeline to those who wish to leave Earth to be bonded servants to alien masters. For most, the price of their bond will be labour, but for Hannah, it turns into something else. With a stunningly high sensuality rating, she is a prime sexual bondservant and the bidding for her services ends with an amount that breaks records. Her patron is a male with wings who belongs to a species that does more than need sex; they consume it. Mero only needs to look at her, and he is hungrier than he has ever been.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Living as human prey beneath the earth, Fiona knew that anything would be better than the life that stretched ahead. The stars made an offer and she took it.
    Read MoreUsed as a sexual trading card between the rich and powerful survivors of the lethal impact has left Fiona with an urge for change. She needs out and the offer from an alien race to be a bondservant until she paid out her transport and training is an offer she wants to take them up on. Once on the education base she gets the help she needs to feel something again, and that training is going to come in useful when her test results come back and place her in an elite group of humans who can be of use to the Hmrain. Aarak has just learned about the humans from his sibling, and as he was in the area, he decided to see if another human could be found with the high sensuality rating that his people needed to feed. He wasn’t thinking of his people, he was thinking of securing a long-term bond mate that would serve him as he needed it. He could never have anticipated the wounded woman with the heart of gold who brought up instincts he never knew he had.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A stranger walks through the woods and offers to take her from her broken world. Hell yes. With conditions.
    Read MoreWith the asteroid looming, she makes a run for a family farm and the animals therein. After the crash with communications cut off, she lives a routine of subsistence and survival with no other soul to speak to. When a stranger walks up to her, silver skin and black hair, he introduces himself and offers her a way out. Life in the stars with him. She counters that her animals have to come as well. There is some negotiation, and he agrees to send her a tutor so that this is all done legally. Then, he flies away. To her surprise, her hallucination was as good as his word, and she is swept into a world of etiquette, manners, and languages. Her life in the stars has a specific pattern. She is a body servant, a bondservant, a companion, and a mistress, but she has to do it all with the same haircut. Tricky stuff.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb She would do anything to survive, including getting herself damaged and off the companion list. A Hmrain finds her in an unlikely place for an unlikely partnership.
    Read MoreAthena made it to a pickup point, past the physical, and up to the education station. Her training was difficult, but when she found out she was a likely candidate for companionship to a Hmrain, she took drastic action. Being disfigured was the one situation that the station would accept to lower her classification and position her in the bulk-purchase category. Her bond would be purchased as part of a group acquisition, and she would be able to earn out her price on some alien world before she swept out to travel the stars, working as she went. With her goal in mind, she put herself in the path of the most toxic creature on the station, and she ticked it off. The resulting scar across her face did the job. She was out. It was just her luck that when she was on her new planet, she was very good at her job. Her team comes to the attention of the Hmrain overseer, and her planning has come to naught.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Led by her dreams, she finds her way into the stars where fate conspires to put her exactly where she needs to be, in a hero’s path.
    Read MoreWhen her parents died, Lyra was untethered. She left school, followed her dreams, and focused on keeping herself alive. She is not a fan of people and enjoys being alone. After the asteroid hit, she spends sometime surviving and the rest looking for one of the evacuation posts. She finds it and agrees to the caveat that she will be given a job placement that suits her skills. Across the stars, she works as a security unit pilot, steering a large, heavy bot around and keeping watch over a rehab hospital for superheroes. As a hazing ritual, a few of the guardians sneak out to try and unmask the new security unit, so when confronted with a handsome man landing on her chest, she does what any girl would do. She shoots him in the face and then has to deal with the fallout of stunning the overseer’s only son. It isn’t love at first sight, but weeks later, when she is enjoying a day off, they collide under far more romantic circumstances, and their unorthodox courtship continues.
  • e-Book
    (Book 6 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Life as a caretaker was her fate. Crashing on an alien world and being given an ultimatum gave her something she didn’t expect, a lover who had her back. She takes a chance and is swept away.
    Read More Nan has spent her life making a place for herself by taking care of those around her. Holding onto the controls of a falling shuttle with the unconscious pilot next to her, she began to regret some of her impulses. After the asteroid, she had gathered up close to two dozen kids who had been touring the same national park that she had, and she had tried to bring them home. When their city was found to be a collapsed crater filled with water, she has to take them on the road and try and keep them alive until she can find a settlement to take them. Eventually, the call came out for the evacuation under the contract circumstances. The kids were exempt from the contract, and as caretaker, so was Nan. That exemption holds until they are on their way to the world Abix. There is a meteor shower, a wounded pilot, and Nan manages to take the controls, leaving a scar on the landscape in a restricted area. She feels bad, but when the overseer of Abix comes in through the shuttle front screen and gives her an ultimatum, she feels nervous and a weird tension. If they make it out of the restricted area in time, everything will just resume the normal plan. There is one thing about the overseer. When he sets a timeline, he cheats. She has no chance.
  • e-Book
    (Book 0.5 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Traded for a blood debt, in service to a vampire, and loaned to a shifter, Zora never thought to find pleasure…
    Read MoreZora has always felt the stigma of being born to a family tainted by vampire blood. That family legacy becomes vividly real when her great-great grandfather tracks her down and trades her for a blood debt owed to the local vampire king. Zora finds a way to use her particular skill set in the vampire court and her first week goes well, until the vampire king decides she needs the comfort of a warm shifter next to her at night. Dragon shifter Rigeck has come to see the woman his friend wants him to heat up. The shy miss surrounded by salivating potential suitors is just what he’s been looking for. Her blood will confirm if his instincts are correct. But first, he’ll taste the rest of her, for his own entertainment. Will their one night together be enough to keep him from taking her to his lair, or will instinct win the day?
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Forced into a one-week ride-along with agents of the XIA, Benny tries to hide the fact that she isn’t quite human.
    Read MoreBenny has lived her life in the shadows, avoiding the public eye. Her life as a recipe blogger pays the bills and lets her socialize, but she is about to get the assignment of a lifetime. Her boss orders her into a one-week ride-along with agents of the XIA, the eXtranormal Investigation Agency. It is the anniversary of the agency, and they need to improve their exposure with the general public. Against her objections, she is paired with a standard set of agents—a vampire, a shifter, and a fey. They are willing to work with her, and it is only when she signs the waivers that she learns why. They all read her column. A week doesn’t seem like much time to learn about an organization that deals with things most folks don’t enjoy thinking about, but it whips past when the assignments go from casual crime to murders that have one pivot point. Benny.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Benny is swept on a quest to save her parents, and binding herself to her agents is all part of the plan. Who knew it was permanent?
    Read MoreBenny has completed the XIA course that will let her work with the agents she became close to while hunting a serial killer. It will take effect the moment they are cleared of demonic influence. Nothing like knowing that your blood is despised to make a girl feel wanted. After a night on the town with Freddy, Benny runs into the agents, and they are not only hogging her favourite taco joint, but they are interested in her social status. She is about to say yes to whatever they can come up with when she gets a call from her house, and the night goes downhill from there. Karaoke, kidnapping and binding spells make up the rest of the night when Benny must head to the demon zone and Argyle, Smith and Tremble refuse to let her go alone. Nothing like jumping into a dimensional prison to lock in a first date.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb After facing demons and murderers, their greatest task is in front of them - meeting the in-laws.
    Read MoreWith her binding to her partners, Benny feels safe and settled. She wants to start her career in the XIA and make a place in that organization. The past rears up and has other ideas. The binding has its own issues. Their group has to meet and greet each family they are attached to and try to gain approval for their union. A different technique is required for each species, and they have to be ready for anything. True love might win the day, but politics is a pain in the butt.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb She never wanted to inherit, but being trapped in an altered body on a magical property has its perks. The 24-hour guard.
    Read MoreIn a flash of agony, Adrea knew her Aunt Neadra was dead. Waking in hospital was strange enough, but having her colouring changed to that of her dead relative was a little hard to take. Adrea called the authorities to let them know her aunt had been murdered and made the three-hour trip to get to her aunt’s home. Shockingly, things get out of control from there. She is arrested, questioned and released back to Ritual Space, where she has to seal the breach in the wards with her own blood. Officer Hyl Luning is assigned to watch her, but he had better be quick, because she has an agenda that even she isn’t sure of.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Trading her services to a vampire king is a price Leo pays gladly, but her human life is not on the table.
    Read MoreLeonora has managed to save her pregnant sister from a vampire attack, but to insure the safety of her sister and niece, Leo is willing to pay with everything but her life. Covered in her own blood, she approaches the Mayor of Redbird City - who happens to be the local vampire king - and makes a deal. She will serve him as his assistant if he will keep her sister and niece from being torn apart. Matthias agrees willingly to take on a new assistant and sends his men out to keep her sister safe. It is the beginning of a partnership that will make her his apprentice, send her to negotiate for dragons, visit crime scenes and keep her doing his bidding while her sister’s attackers rally and prepare to try again. Leo picks up her baseball bat and gets ready for the fight of her life.
  • e-Book
    (Book 6 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A family curse turned occupation, a merman in her tub, and a mage in her phone. Soph’s life just gets weirder.
    Read MoreBeing raised as the Cursed One does things to a person. It changes your relationships and makes you a very paranoid young woman. This is how Sophy ends up in her fourth decade, looking eighteen and having no love life. The Mage Guild provides her with a liaison so that she can stop calling to rummage through their archives, and the voice in the machines around her becomes an admirable partner, such as he is. He files a request with her to assist him in his own personal journey, and it takes her into the Guild Hall to face a mage who wants her as a trophy. She isn’t impressed, but gets what she needs and gets out of there. A cursed object that calls to her is part of her plans for the next few days, but the arrival of the body that belongs to the voice throws things into chaos. Magnus has spent years in amber, waiting to be released by a request from a woman he hasn’t slept with. He was born a warrior centuries earlier and is a legendary mage in his own right. He has one major concern, and it involves figuring out the strange pull and repulsion he feels when the Cursed One is around. Demons, mages, old scores, and cursed objects swirl around the DeMonstre family, and Sophia is first and foremost the Monster Baiter.
  • e-Book
    (Book 7 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A mage, a destiny and a surprising pedigree. It is hard to juggle new discoveries with a dragon on her tail. Minerva enjoys her life as a master mage. She creates spells that no one has seen before and enjoys her family and friends. She will do anything for them, and she has.
    Read MoreHer side job is to act as an intermediary between extranatural races, and that is what she is doing the day that she walks into the dragon’s den. Running from the dragon makes her confront her origins, and things get even more complicated from there. Zemuel is an ancient being that owns lands and mines that contain strategic materials for other races. All he asks for an audience, is that he be entertained by the envoy. Minerva has her work cut out for her. She really should have stuck to business only. So, mate-hungry dragons, ancient gods and a surprising pedigree mean that Minerva’s world just turned upside-down, and anchoring herself will mean surrendering a piece of her soul.
  • e-Book
    (Book 8 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Linked to a mage she hates, Freddy is willing to trade all the power of the demon zone to get her freedom.
    Read MoreFreddy was born to take the mantle of hellhound, but she wasn’t fond of the idea. Wearing the responsibility to atone for the work of a homicidal ancestor, Freddy is the eleventh generation tied to the victim’s family, and being bonded to a mage halfway around the world is tiring. At a moment’s notice, Freddy can be yanked from an event or her own bed and pulled across the world to act as the mage’s familiar. Her friends want to help, but there is only one way to get her out of the indentured servitude that her family has landed her in. She needs to find a stronger mage to take her on as a familiar. The hard part is finding a stable mage to link to. The weird part is watching her friends auditioning them.
  • e-Book
    (Book 9 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Hunted through history, Elsinor has had enough. She is going to fight her stalker, whoever he is.
    Read MoreElsinor has walked the earth for thousands of years, but every few decades, she must start over. Waking up in agony with her organs slowly regenerating, she has coined a new phrase Prometheus Syndrome. With modern technology and magic available, this might be her one chance to learn who she is and who she has been in the past. The clock is ticking, and she is ready to defend herself. She is going to find her attacker and take the fight to him. Elsinor is tired of living for the moment before her life has to start over again.
  • e-Book
    (Book 10 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A new job selling the most haunted property in town leads to possession, then another, and finally, it is time to put the hammer down. Hannah has always stuck out in her family. The carrier of a recessive skin tone, she knows a little magic, knows a lot about construction, and is happy to have found a new career to focus on, just like everyone else in the family. On the day that she got the listing for the most haunted house in town with murders like clockwork every twenty-five years, she accidentally triggers the house’s most recent victim. Five years earlier, an XIA agent had been investigating the house, and he had fallen into a coma. On her first day, something lodged inside Hannah’s brain. With no other option, she calls a spectral consultant, and the woman and her tiny cat identify the person who is hitchhiking behind her eyes. A portion of the XIA agent’s spirit has gotten stuck in Hannah’s, and he is using her to power his return to consciousness. She has to get him out. Going back alone is stupid, but she doesn’t feel she has another choice. She doesn’t want to involve her family, and the XIA can’t help because no crime had been committed in the last five years. She gets the agent out of her head, gets the attention of the ancient entity that craves blood, and finds herself in a fight for her life with unexpected allies and one persistent dark elf who will not leave her side. According to her mother, she could do far worse.
  • e-Book
    (Book 11 Obscure Magic series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Working in a niche market was not her intent, but the community has the need of her. No one can clear a house like she can.
    Read MoreHannah’s life has taken a weird turn. She has survived an attack by an ancient entity, gotten transformed into a dark elf, and shacked up with the first guy to possess her mind. It has been a really odd few weeks. Now that she is stable and settled in, she finds herself in XIA custody, more or less. Neekil moved in. With one dark elf on the surface, Neekil’s family asks him to guide his brothers into the modern world. Getting a place for them to stay is easy. They have volunteered to replace the enchanted mantlepiece at the mansion, and it is rather uncomfortable to watch them work. Hannah has to adapt to new circumstances again when the mayor requests her help in clearing uninhabited homes. The problem is, their inhabitants aren’t human or extranatural; they are something else entirely. She had better get started.
  • e-Book
    (An Obscure Magic series box set which includes, books 1-3.) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb
    Read MoreBook 1: One Part Human Benny has lived her life in the shadows, avoiding the public eye. Her life as a recipe blogger pays the bills and lets her socialize, but she is about to get the assignment of a lifetime. Her boss orders her into a one-week ride-along with agents of the XIA, the eXtranormal Investigation Agency. It is the anniversary of the agency and they need to improve public opinion. A week doesn't seem like much time to learn about an organization that deals with the daily paranormal exploits of the population, but time flies when the assignments go from casual crime to murders that have one pivot point. Benny. Book 2: Two Parts Demon Training to join her team on their rounds is easy compared to fighting the stigma of demon blood. They are on administrative leave until they have been cleared of her possible influence. After a night on the town with Freddy, Benny runs into her team at her favourite taco truck and suddenly things get personal. Karaoke, kidnapping and binding spells make up the rest of the night and when Benny has to rescue her parents from the demon zone, the guys are with her all the way. Nothing like jumping into a dimensional prison to lock in a first date. Book 3: Three Parts Fey With her binding to her partners Benny feels safe and settled. She wants to start her career in the XIA and make a place for herself. The past has other ideas. A complicated relationship makes for complicated inlaws and they begin to make the rounds to get approval for their group while Benny's family faces the past once again.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Imara needs a familiar, but what she ends up with is the toughest kitten in the magical world.
    Read MoreImara has lived a life separate from her family. She wasn’t shunned, just never acknowledged. The seventh child of a seventh child, she had had the bad taste to be born a girl. Her father’s family had no use for a girl, so she was sent to a city where the populace didn’t use magic. Now that she is grown and entering college, she has chosen the best magical college in the country. It just happens to be located in her birth city. When family begins to encroach on her education and someone threatens her life, can her new familiar do as he promised and keep her safe, or will Imara have to use what little magic she has learned to keep herself alive? Either way, things are going to be unpleasant
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A would-be magus with studying on her mind must deal with a possible suitor and her feisty hellkitten.
    Read MoreImara made it through her first term without too many issues, but now that she is in the second term, a magic-draining fiend is stalking the students, and her familiar is bored with guiding her through the early stages of magic. He has taken to giving her misinformation to see if she can use her own judgments. It is a challenge she doesn’t really need. XIA agents are taking courses at the college, and one of them ends up next to Imara during her ethics course. A few conversations lead to a lunch date, and now, she must determine if a social life is worth more than her scholastic one. Mr. E just likes going on lunch dates. The servers swoon over his cute fuzziness. He is no help at all.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Her magic is coming along, her kitten is still deadly, and she is about to make an actual friend. Controlling weather is simple by comparison.
    Read MoreSky Breaking seemed like a useful course, but its usefulness lay in the amount of credits that would count toward Imara’s degree. Once she is in the course, she meets the only other student, and they strike an unlikely friendship. Kitigan is a seer who has an interest in farming and apiculture, weather magic is part of that peculiar parcel. After a series of classes that turn into tests, Imara is happy to head to Kitty’s farm for a weekend away from school, and Mr. E wants to head out and ride some sheep. Everybody has something to do, including the trespassing werewolf pack that just moved in next to Kitty’s family farm. Imara has to walk the fine line between guest and defender while taking her Death Keeper skills for a spin. Her weekend is anything but relaxing.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Stealing an ancient artifact is a strange test, but going up against her family and the law adds a new level of difficulty.
    Read MoreImara wants nothing more than to find a different course, but Stealth Magic gives her the credits she needs to stay on track and there aren’t any other options rearing their heads. Stealth Magic is not what she thought it would be, and the idea of breaking into a home to rob an ancient artifact for her final exam was a little daunting. Luckily, Imara has friends who are going to help her through training, some old and some new. Through some work with the XIA, she finds a tutor for her training, and a place to do it. Ritual Space offers her a welcome and the inhabitants set themselves to the monumental task of her training. The exam is getting closer and time is a factor. Mr. E just likes chasing the enchanted bunnies of Ritual Space.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb The final classes have begun and the only thing standing in Imara’s way is an ancient and deadly enemy…of her kitten.
    Read MoreImara’s life is going according to her plans. She has her boyfriend, her kitten, and is about to earn her degree in Magecraft and graduate. Once she has that degree, she has the right to request an application for a commercial magic license. It is the goal she has been working toward all along. A shadow begins to haunt her during the day and stalk her when she is away from the college. She doesn’t know what it wants, but it follows her with a purpose she can’t fathom until she finds the identity of her stalker. By the time she learns that it is Mr. E the stalker is after and not her, the trap has already closed.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Dasher gains life as a human, but she is missing a connection. She wants a mate and is willing to do whatever it takes to find one.
    Read MoreOne of nine reindeer that pulls Santa’s sleigh, Dasher wants nothing more than to find a partner, a mate, someone to be with. With the restrictions in the workshop, she has only one choice—she goes to the human world and starts trying men on for size. The down side to mating with a human is that they don’t remember her the following day. The depressing point is that none of them have the stamina to keep up with her and there are no second chances. Every time is the first time with a human. When she is assigned to a shop that needs an emergency audit, she enjoys the thrill of digging through the messy paperwork, and she has plans for the proprietor. One time might be enough if it was with him. Argus has been sent to bring back a reindeer, but the woman with smoldering dark eyes is more than he was banking on. She seems nice, but he wants her naughty.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Dancer craves social interaction, so when she takes the chance to run, she heads to the mall.
    Read MoreDancer joined the exodus from the workshop in a chance to experience life and possibly love. She focuses on life and finds herself working in a mall as a security guard. Watching humans in their preparations for Christmas gives her a feeling of purpose and renews her energy for the holiday. A new photographer at Santa’s Grotto gains a crowd and Dancer’s admiration. He handles children with skill and coaxes smiles out of the most recalcitrant little ones. Dancer catches his eye, and she acknowledges the mutual attraction. A bit of light flirting and fending off attackers creates a bond that definitely embodies the spirit of giving


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