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    Series - Blind Date Corp (book 6) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Sabine is enjoying the reception until she gets a distress call and goes to pitch in by distracting some alphas so her friend could escape. The alphas just changed their focus and split up. The ladies scattered, and the hunt was on.
    Read MoreSabine has been recovering from work-related damage. An active nearly crushed her spine. She’s now on crutches until a walking suit can be arranged, and coordinating formalwear with crutches is harder than it looks. Watching her friend Vallu get married to the large furry man of her dreams and the father of her baby was sweet, and the reception was fun. With the crutches, Sabine had to skip the dances, but she enjoyed every moment of the party. The bride and groom were long gone when she got a call from another guest and answered the call for help. Ylara was being cornered by three alphas who didn’t mind sharing, and that was not something she was interested in. With three ladies gathered to distract the guys, they split off to deal with their individual alpha. Shaking them off was another matter. Sabine ends up with a muscle-bound water-breather on her trail, and dealing with him and her injuries is just too complicated. She makes a few decisions that change the direction of her life and twist her future into something she could not have imagined.
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    Three Thousand Roses

    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Lexa’s life has been a fight, but now, an alpha from her past has offered her protection and safety with the help of two others. For her daughter’s safety, she will pay their price.
    Read MoreLexa’s debut as an omega was traumatic and left her scarred. She has spent the five years since fighting to keep her adopted daughter and keep her sanity

    At the limit of her resources, there is a knock on her door, and the love of her life from five years earlier is standing there, and he finally asks her what happened after he left her. Her answers shake him, and he leaves. There is a certain amount of peace to seeing him again, and she gets on with her life.

    Two weeks later, he returns with an offer of protection and safety with two other alphas of his ursa type who have agreed to form a unit for her benefit. Lexa thinks about the safety of her daughter, and she agrees to meet the first of her prospective mates. His identity shocks her, and his clever tongue makes her head spin.

    The next prospect is terrifying, adorable, and enthusiastic. She gets lost in his arms, and she agrees to his protection. Her original mate from years ago is willing to stand aside and act as guardian, but it doesn’t feel right to ignore him. Their connection feels like it was never broken, and her heart aches for him. Can she really start anew with the man from her past and two charming strangers?

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Monstrous Ball Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Connecting to the sea is one thing; taking a sea monster police chief as a lover is quite another...
    Read MoreMara doesn’t know why she’s on the ferry to Monster Island, but she knows that a job is waiting. She goes through orientation, meets the local police chief, and is taken to her assignment and residence. She’s going to be a waitress.

    Tyron has spent thousands of years waiting to find a human to act as a mate. When he meets Mara, he senses that she has a lovely spirit with a longing for the water, but that’s it. Arabella identifies her as a likely candidate for Tyron, so he made sure to put her where he could find her at his restaurant.

    On her day off, he gives her an invitation to the ball but being uncharacteristically impatient, he proposes a date before the full moon.

    Can a woman who can’t remember her past consider a future with a monster classified as ancient and terrible? Of course. At least she can see this monster coming. It’s purple.

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    (Book 4 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb She has a crush on her boss and just knows he’s a demon in the sack. She just has to wait until she can find out firsthand.
    Read MoreArcady has worked for Z-Tech long enough to apply to their sister company, the Blind Date Corporation. With a tech-based blindfold, she goes on dates with other actives whose powers are compatible with her own.

    She has had a crush on her boss since the day she met him, but it was only when she started spending a few nights each week with other powered beings that he filed his own application to become one of her dates.

    Their first night is magical, but it ends in disaster that brings them close far more quickly than either imagined.

    Dr. Krizt goes from scientist to lover, but no matter his role, one thing is certain. He wants her body.

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Blind Date Corporation Series) She has something he wants, and it’s embarrassing. Pretending she’s normal loses its appeal in the arms of her own assassin.
  • e-Book
    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Tormented by those who should have protected her, Olivia has one chance at an actual life, and she just has to give herself with no reservations.
    Read MoreBorn to blossom into an omega, something in Olivia’s life went wrong. Instead of having her heats and looking for her own alphas, she is defective. Her body gives her pain, and she wants nothing to do with the thought of a sexual liaison with anyone.

    Her sister follows her father’s footsteps and keeps her on their property and running the bed and breakfast, which is a boring existence for Olivia until her heat is due and her rule against taking reservations during that time is broken by her greedy sibling. There is an emergency, and they are going to be hosting a guest.

    No one said the guest would be an alpha.

    What follows is a meeting, a realization, and a rescue that changes not only Olivia’s life but that of her pride as well.

    Argus is just going to a family wedding rehearsal when he begins hearing the phrase defective omega. He has researched a lot of omegas, and there is no such thing as a defective one. When he realizes that these words are describing the dainty little woman who helped his panthers get settled, he has a quick discussion with his pride mates, and they head off to rescue the omega in question. With any luck, she will choose them. If not, they will have to charm her. Either way, Olivia is theirs.

  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb A scheming vampire, a unicorn with a job to do, and a mage who thought her power was gone, leaving her unremarkable.
    Read MoreAlly surrendered her magic as a teen. Her sister was the family heir, and Ally just wanted to leave her home and start off in a new city. She takes on odd jobs and ends up as a secure courier. Weeks before her twenty-seventh birthday, she takes a delivery that goes wrong and ends up with her being bound to the vampire king of the city. She decides to run, but he thwarts her, and after experiencing brunch with the vampire, she agrees to give him a chance to seduce her. Being seduced by a vampire takes time. There has to be formality, organization, and an opener. Ally had never heard of openers, but they were used when there were physical issues between the more aggressive of the races and usually the hapless human. The openers were unicorn stallions with a talent for easing things between normally incompatible species. Ally agrees to it, but there is one problem. She knows the unicorn. Bastien was the brother of one of her best friends, and he had been in training when she had seen him last. She had never imagined that she would see him again and that he would see all of her. Ally had sought to live her life quietly, to be unremarkable, but now, she was in the spotlight, and her family was calling her to defend her life, her freedom, and her new mates. She was taking her family down.
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    (Book 5 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb He had been her favourite date, so she arranged for him to be the father of her child... should she have told him?
    Read MoreVallu spent over five years as an escort with the Blind Date Corporation. On her last date, she used her activation to provide her with something she needed... a child. She just didn’t tell him. How likely was it that he would run into her in the real world? He was from an island in the bay; she was from a suburb. If she hadn’t stopped downtown for a hotdog, nothing would have happened.

    Etgar has been searching for Five for four months, and while the management of BDC has been no help, he holds out hope that she will be in his arms again... off-contract. When he catches her scent near a hotdog vendor, he follows the scent to the source. She denies her identity as Five, but her scent doesn’t lie. The bright green eyes are a surprise, as is getting shot in the back by a drive-by assassin.

    Vallu heals him in the vehicle as his bodyguards recover him, and he refuses to leave without her. She focuses on stopping the bleeding and repairing him as the men drive them to safety. Well, safety for Etgar. The island he lives on is his family home, and they own it all. She has just been dropped into his own little kingdom, but she has some conditions to remain with him. It isn’t like she has had four months to plan or anything.

  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Distant Fairy Tales Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit Running from a broken heart sends her home, but home ends up a thousand worlds away, and she ends up at the mercy of the master of the shattered world.
    Read MoreKeva has been having the worst day. She has found out her boyfriend was cheating, gone home to her father’s house, and been teleported across the stars. It has been trying.

    She wakes up trapped in her house with no idea why, and the stars and space station she can see from the house were not there yesterday.

    Azzul won the manor house and all contents in a card game and dispatched drones to bring it to him. It was not supposed to be occupied. The living being in the house should be dead. That puzzle alone has his attention, and watching the human woman walk around the home and grounds convinces him of one thing. She is art personified... and she belongs to him.

  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Monstrous Ball Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb What girl doesn’t want to go to the ball? Maybe not on Monster Island...
    Read MoreArabella is nearing the end of her work visa on Monster Island when she gets invited to the full moon ball by the mayor of the island. The band that she is given marks her as an invitee of the next full moon ball, and she notices the looks she gets from the locals when they see it. No one else is sporting an all-onyx band.

    After an altercation at work, she ends up needing medical attention, and she is the only one surprised when the mayor arrives and carries her to the med centre, where he introduces her to aspects of his appearance that are not so human.

    He is very good with his tongue.

    Harrow has been waiting centuries for a mate to present herself. Monsters don’t get many chances when the screaming and running start. Arabella is different. When she sees his teeth, she smiles, and when he uses his tongue, she cuddles up for more.

    Only a full night at the ball will determine if they are a match or if heavy petting is where it ends.

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Distant Fairy Tales Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb An accidental meeting leads to a connection that will last forever... if they ever meet again.
    Read MoreEjected from her home, Nyna is forced to run across the city to her grandmother’s house. If she had known it was the night of her first heat, she might have jumped into the sewers instead of trying to outrun the huntsmen of the Overlord of Y’tel.

    Trapped in a colony city, she runs as fast as she can wearing her red cloak. The canine heads of the Lyron hunters focus on her, but they are waiting for the bell that lets them hunt. She hates that damned bell.

    Sornoth sees the flicker of red, catches her scent, and waits impatiently, quickly beating the fellow huntsmen who would have pursued her before he chases after her himself.

    When he catches her, the taste of her burns itself into his brain, and after he marks her, he sends her on to her destination. It will be two and a half years before they meet again, and when he meets his son for the first time, things change.

  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, Jess became an archer after a meeting on an aircraft. Now she has to wonder what she was matched with. The centaur at her door is a shock.
    Read MoreJess has been a faithful ward of the minotaur herd until the day she is out of her mind with heat, and her dream man walks up to her door and brings her flowers. She grabs him, throws him to the floor, and has her way with him until he calls a halt and tells her he’s only willing to go all the way if he can show her the rest of him. Intriguing. Things get complicated, but she gets to home base with her centaur and is interrupted again by friends and family.

    Time passes, and they reunite under stressful circumstances but eventually agree on a union, another partner, and a future.

    Stihl has been pretending that everything will be fine, but with no job prospects, she is drifting from couch to couch until an urgent request from the book club puts her back in action as a chef. The wedding leads to her meeting up with her one-night stand, and he still is waiting for an omega.

    She has no choice but to run home, beg for help, and submit to her grandmother’s plans for her. It is the last thing she wants, but the only thing she can think of to save herself and her children. If their father doesn’t want them, she will find a path of her own, back through high society with an arranged marriage, just like her grandmother wanted.

  • e-Book
    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Her mates are her own, with one waiting in the wings. Now, she needs to finish what she started and get a little revenge at the same time.
    Read MoreOlivia has been rescued from years of torture and is working to settle into a life with her mates and the omega next door and another feline alpha who wants to join their group. She is gaining confidence, friends, and now, there is one thing to do... go on dates with her mates. Oh, and she has to finish a very important memoir.


    What follows is a meeting, a realization, and a rescue that changes not only Olivia’s life but that of her pride as well.

    Argus is just going to a family wedding rehearsal when he begins hearing the phrase defective omega. He has researched a lot of omegas, and there is no such thing as a defective one. When he realizes that these words are describing the dainty little woman who helped his panthers get settled, he has a quick discussion with his pride mates, and they head off to rescue the omega in question. With any luck, she will choose them. If not, they will have to charm her. Either way, Olivia is theirs.

  • e-Book
    (Book 4 The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb Alita lives for her horses, but she is pursued by a dragon alpha seeking her specifically. She’s an omega, but she’s in rough shape. Can dragon fire turn her from broken to whole?
    Read MoreAlita has been living in agony with damage from a crushing accident with her every minute of every day. She has found a sideline by working with other omegas as the equestrian in some music videos, but when she gets invited to a party for Lexa, she also falls into the arms of Lexa’s brother-in-law, the dragon alpha Nikolai.

    If Alita knew how close the dragon was to the surface, she would have run. He marks her with dragon fire, and she feels a relief from pain as scarred tissue knits and nerves are soothed.

    AWhen he shows up the next day with his beta Alexi, her family is appalled, but she knows that she has one chance at a life with a mate, an alpha and his beta. She gets in the helicopter, and that new life starts. Her life becomes her, her alpha, their beta, and Nikolai’s dragon. Only one of them never says please.

  • e-Book
    Series - Shattered stars (book 9) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Kidnapped, ransomed, and rejected, she didn’t think things could get any worse until she realized that the rescue approaching was going to have conditions.
    Read MoreMisty survived a horrible life and terrible parents and siblings to make it across the stars when her world ended. Those that hurt her were on the same ship. Family groups needed to be kept together, and she accepted that her suffering wasn’t going to end. Four and a half years of a menial job later, she meets a few people that are genuinely kind, and she enjoys the kindness while it lasts. A few days later, she is kidnapped and held for ransom, and no one will pay. She is ready to be auctioned off to the highest bidder when a rescuer appears, and it is the person who offered her kindness at the café. Now, he is offering a contract, and she doesn’t have another option. She will sign a contract with the overseer and see how long she lasts.
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    (Book 1 The Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb She wants her boss, so she leaves. He wants her, so he follows. Negotiating for her time, he manages a date, and she begins dodging the alpha. Fate will have to take steps.
    Read MoreNora was an excellent administrative assistant until the day a business associate of her boss made an aggressive pass. She tells her boss, and he tells her to thicken her skin, having heard the other male’s version of the event. She can toughen up or quit. She chooses the option that will stop the pain of the dismissal.

    Sabin is shocked when he finds out she is leaving, and he’s devastated when he learns that it is her last day. He had enjoyed having her next to him, breathing in her scent all day every day and spent many hours trying to find a way around the whole employee-employer thing, but now, it was solved for him. A frantic kiss tells him what she tastes like at long last, and now, he has to find a way to get her back to his side.

    Nora ends up in a situation where she smells like a hot omega and is at a party full of alphas. Sabin is there and offers his help for the bargain price of one night.

    That night spins into events that will echo through their lives, and defying families, a curse, and stalkers, they make their way to a family future.

  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Being lucky was all she knew until the man from her past ends up auditing her active status, and she has to choose to run or stay. Run it is.
    Read MoreTirra has had it rough. She started out as a victim, turned into an asset, and ended up as a survivor. Her active life had started in an unorthodox way; her career was the result of years of focus and working for Z-Tech as an executive trainer made it easy for her to transition into designing the training plan for the different escorts of the Blind Date Corporation.

    She spent five years working with the escorts and creating connections with restaurants, hotels, and other venues where dates would take place. As the resort was opened in Aksalla, she was chosen for the position of management when her past arrives to audit her active skills as an analyst. She is shocked by the appearance of the man she used to dread and desire with equal measure.

    Gorith had a party trick that could set any woman off with two points of contact. It had helped him carve out a niche when he was undercover, but when he met the manager of the resort, the echo from his past became a roar for the future. He might be classified as a monster, but he brought the same out in her, and together, they are going to have to fight their way through the dates, protocols, and a family wedding that he wasn’t prepared for.

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    Series - Blind Date Corporation book 7 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Ylara just wanted to enjoy the wedding. Her heat should have been under control. Attracting one alpha would have been bad enough, but having her choice out of three makes her head spin.
    Read MoreYlara had a lovely time at Vallu’s wedding. She caught the bouquet, danced the night away, and only then noticed that her dance partners followed her every move. She panics and tries to make a break for it, but they block her path. She does what any sensible woman would do; she hides in a broom closet and calls for help from every friend or family member she can think of. When her troops arrive, they offer support and a plan. Sabine urges her to choose her alpha to help deal with her heat. They all know what torture it is to leave it unanswered, so leave her to make up her mind. Picking the guy with the giant scorpion tail might not have been the most sensible thing, but it feels right. When he holds her close and promises to take care of her, she believes him. Whether she trusts him is another matter entirely.
  • e-Book
    Series - Blind Date Corporation book 9 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb A bachelorette party brings Drin to the attention of the boss of the nightclub, Hell. Her problem is that he’s a long-standing crush and patron, and he knows it.
    Read MoreDrin has a miserable life. She is constantly scrounging for money, fighting for respect, and hiding her activation. As far as she knows, she is a muse. She gives her targets inspiration and intellect, but her body pays the price. A metabolic active uses their body to power their manifestation, and Drin spends her life hungry as her body burns power to survive in public. She is asked to sing in public to help a bachelorette gain a win in a live singing competition, but she ends up going against the city’s most popular male singer. They sing a duet, and her opponent is so thrilled that he grabs her and kisses her. She drops him with her knee, and the club goes silent. The devil emerges and walks toward her. She sees him coming and is shocked to see her best friend’s brother approaching her, and she’s stunned when he kisses her in front of several hundred partiers. He sweeps her to his lair, and they have a short conversation involving her work for the Blind Date Corporation as his escort. A day later and she’s being arrested for breaking a restraining order. Her best friend’s family has blocked her, but now, she is hauled to lock-up for talking to Vikor. Things can only get better from there, right? When the devil arrives to defend her, her case is won, and her heart is lost.
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    Series - Blind Date Corporation book 7 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb The wedding was lovely. Brit wasn’t going, but when her sister’s time at the reception gets uncomfortable, nothing could stop her from lending a hand by becoming bait.
    Read MoreBrit got a call from her sister and headed off to the wedding on Daycross Island. She just had to pull a tracking device out of her foot before going. Being the only current multi-morph on record makes her very popular with law enforcement and espionage agencies. She doesn’t want to play with either. She finds her sister, understands what’s needed, and coordinates with one of Ylara’s associates to distract the three alphas stalking her sister due to her state of heat. Brit changes to her sister’s form and makes a run through the woods, but an unearthly howl follows her, and she is soon up a tree with nowhere to go. Denier knows that the scent is wrong for his original target, but he can’t resist running prey. The scent is what he has been looking for, and he sets out to catch it.
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    (Book 4 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, No good deed goes unpunished. A snowy bit of assistance links her to a blood alpha and sends her into a world she never asked for.
    Read MoreCoralynn does just enough to get by. There is no point in trying harder; the world always pulls her down.

    She works at a restaurant in a ridiculous outfit and is ordered to rescue a limo and help some wealthy investors get to their establishment. It is the moment that Coralynn’s life skids sideways.

    Meeting a blood alpha in the snow was surprising. Having him show up at her home was astonishing. Feeling her body changing to accommodate him is disturbing.

    She becomes his lover, shares his bed, and starts to believe that her life might stay bright, and then, an attack, injuries, and a long recovery time with the book club’s caretakers makes her re-evaluate her place in the world and how lonely life was when the trust was brutally destroyed.

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    (Book 2 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb She’s raised a child to near adulthood and found him a mentor to help him out. She has one thing left on her to-do list, and that is to find the moron who knocked her up and kick that scaly idiot in the jaws.
    Read MoreLuna has gone through the last seventeen years keeping herself and her son alive and cared for. She has needed dragon fire and used all means to get it. Her history is now something that she would have been mortified to hear about from another source, but she has survived, and that is what matters.

    With Erik learning how to be a dragon alpha from another dragon alpha, she is free to help friends and finally start enjoying her life a little while she looks for the dragon who has locked her body so it can’t support itself. It has made for a challenging few years.

    To compound complexity, Erik’s father looked a little different from the standard driver’s license photo. It was a man-sized dragon who loved her that night and left her on her own... and she has to find him to get control of her life again.

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    (Book 3 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb Andrea’s an abused omega, and Dell is a neglected beta. After time and shared trauma, they end up bonding in a pack made to protect the omega, and it changes to support the beta.
    Read MoreAndy was trapped in a relationship that was forced on her. Her finances were depleted on a regular basis. She couldn’t choose her own life, car, associates. He even decided she should bear his child when his wife wouldn’t.

    His sudden death was more relief than burden, and her body immediately undergoes a transformation from stunted beta to petite omega. Only her terror is holding her back now. A friend she has known for years steps in and helps hold her up. He finds her a pack and helps her embrace her new designation and all it means. The pack finds her an assistant to manage life with five males.

    Dell is a woman who has seen the dark side of alphas. When she is offered the chance to work with and for Andrea, she accepts and helps her through the loss of the child she never chose but still looked forward to. Dell had her own experience a few years earlier.

    The day she meets Andrea’s pack, Dell is prepared to stand in the shadows, but her own nature puts her into the path of one of the alphas, and he is delighted to finally have a breeding mate of his very own.

    Balancing her job and her lover will be difficult as the pack pulls tight, with Andrea and Dell firmly in the middle.

  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb When her sister is murdered by a criminal, Zera sets a plan into action to seek revenge on her own terms. She might enlist a little help
    Read More*warning. contains sexual situations that may not be enjoyed by all readers. mf, fmm, ffmm, and a few fetishes* Zera has grown up on a world where actives develop superpowers and are less than fifteen percent of the population. It is expected that actives serve society, but some of them have other ideas. Zera is a master of weapons design, but her active nature is that of a hopper. She can literally jump into someone else’s body and hide inside. Her sister, Susara, is Suit Bait. She projects vulnerability, which attracts the right and wrong type of interest. When Susara’s soul is shattered and she is left to die, Zera sets a series of actions in motion that involve a superhero escort service, patrons who pay extensively for the pleasure of a superhuman partner, and clients with very specific needs. The Blind Date Corporation arranges dates between patrons and the escorts, while the escorts wear a mask that covers their eyes and blurs the memories of the patrons so that no stalker issues arise. The company is flourishing until one of the original patrons from the days before the masks outs Zera as an escort, and the entire plan of revenge for Susa’s death ramps up a notch. Super.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 An Dark Tails Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Four dark tales of erotica that go under the sea, into a haunted mansion, beneath the earth, and into the woods. Who will survive?
    Read MoreSea Men – Emmy is abandoned to the ocean for refusing to cross the friend-zone barrier finds herself the object of interest for some mermen as she loses her grip on reality. Swipe Right – Molly is on a first date. Her realtor companion decides to show her an unsellable house. When he makes a move she rebuffs him, but not in time to stop his girlfriend from seeing them. Cross Country – Lea is with friends and a guide on a skiing weekend, but she isn’t as fast as her companions. After a flurry, she is lost and they are gone. Finding shelter is her prime concern with night creeping in, but the mythical beast she has to share a cave with has more than sleep on his mind. Camping Out – after a stressful wedding Sara is tired of being the bridesmaid. Now here she is, forced to camp with friends while she remains in the only solo tent. She pitches her small site away from the others. The scratch on her flap in the middle of the night is definitely something that wants to know her better as it hauls her into the woods.
  • e-Book
    Series - Shattered stars (book 9) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb She didn’t want to go to Usatho, but her brother needed support. Two years in, her bond was sold, and the Overseer was waiting to take her.
    Read MoreTwo hellish years after the asteroid hit Earth, Mercy and Mender stagger to a pickup point and get taken to the education station. They get medical care, education, and languages. Mender goes through a few queries while Mercy is in medical, and when she is out, he comes to her with the offer. After discussion, they decide that he should take the offer, and he does, but she has to remain with him. It’s his addiction to the contract. Then, they wait. Two years later, her brother is on his way to fulfilling his contract, and his breeding partner decides that she is a drain on resources. He has her hauled to the bond auction with an eye to putting her up for auction before her nephew is born. On a whim, the assessor decides to re-run her compatibility tests due to her physical condition when she arrived, and to his delight, she is now companion-class. The first step is to offer her to the overseer, and he announces that he’s on his way. Mercy serves tea to Overseer Usatho. He looks her over and agrees to offer her a bond contract. She gets to stay on the planet that her twin brother calls home, which is really all that matters.
  • e-Book
    (Book 12 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Keeping her nephew safe is her focus, and she applies to an orc clan for protection. The price is set at one night.
    Read MoreJennel is looking to settle down, and Redbird City is the place for it. She and her nephew, Corit, are looking for a place they can be safe from hostile orc clans and a decades-old vision.

    She registers as an elemental with the local mayor’s office, and they connect her with the orc clan speaker. She can apply to him to gain protection for her nephew and, hopefully, entry into a clan.

    Once she’s registered, she returns to her new house to meet the movers, and a parade of orcs moves stuff from the van to the house when she meets her new neighbor.

    Day-ek just got off a shift and noticed the fae woman sitting on the deck and a set of three orcs moving furniture into the house. He comes over to introduce himself, and he takes in her curves and the very frank assessment she gives him and offers to give her a hand. Jennel introduces Day-ek to Corit, and when her mention of having to meet the speaker inspires a grin, she gets a funny feeling about her neighbor.

    When she meets the speaker and he gives her that cheeky grin while he demands a night with him for each of the three clans he speaks for, she knows that Corit is safe, and she’s got a date. And then... things get complicated.

  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb One night, ten years ago, they satisfied her hunger, and she ran as fast as she could. Now, they are back in her life, and they want more.
    Read MoreNessa has stayed away from home for ten years, but a plea from estranged family brings her home. Nessa is half faerie, half human, and drains sexual energy from the people around her. Ten years ago, she had a night with two lovers and has not felt the hunger for power since. It all returns in a rush when she helps her cousin save her boss. Nessa knew it was an awkward intervention, but when she recognized two of the VPs she was there to protect, she feels like it has been a setup. She saves the day and settles the men down for a restoring nap when one of them snaps up and plants a tracking spell on her. Oh, yeah. He was the mage to the other one’s dark elf. Hector and Tynan have been waiting for their third. They have kept their eyes out for the last ten years, and when she falls into their laps, they are not letting her go. Stovos, king of the dark court, has watched his son’s attempts to locate the woman and was beginning to doubt his son’s sanity. When the courtship of his son and son-in-law exposes the woman that Stovos has been seeking, he is rocked on his own whirlwind seduction with a harpy of his own. She had been under his nose the entire time.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Orion and the scorpion is a story everyone knows, but Stinger has no interest in killing the man who helps her manage a wave of lust. He might be just what she’s looking for.


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