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    (Book 1 Destined Enchantment Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf Hiding from her demon lord has always seemed pointless, but she learned on the way. Now, she is ready to face him and her destiny.
    Read MoreShe has worn a dozen names in her foster parents’ efforts to hide her from her demon lord. The name she used at the healer academy was Emrie, so that is how she set up her practice. Tribute night was the demon lord’s birthday, and it was while she tended patients that she noted the time. She gets caught at a checkpoint and is forced to cover her presence with magic, but in her haste, she forgets one thing, her tribute. Demon Lord Harrow has been looking for his mate with increasing urgency as the years have gone by. When he is looking over his tribute from the village of Neemin, he catches a familiar scent. He has caught this scent only once before, but he knows it. She is near. He confirms that the guards at the checkpoint came in contact with his mate, and then, he sets out to do what he has been longing for, claiming his bride.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Destined Enchantment Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, PDB Training to be a queen, she just needs to find and enchant her king. Revenge can wait until she is settled. Viika barely survived her first night at the bride school. Waking up to being nursed by a demon was hard enough, but having Emrie sooth and heal her took her by surprise. The world around her was not what she had been told.
    Read MoreDemons were wise and powerful, wizards did not always know what they were doing. Witches were common for the powered folks, and Viika was an exception in the crowd. Controlling her hatred for the vampires who had tortured her meant learning to see them—and judge them—as individuals. It was a life lesson that helped her through the following years. Once she was grown, it was time to seek out her king or, rather, find a witch lord to raise to the position of king. He could only rise to power with a queen of his own, and she was willing to go shopping for her king. After a false start, she finds her match and sets about combining her power with his. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but he meets her advances head-on, and together, they set about restoring the balance in the place she once called home.
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    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb A beauty injured in the line of duty trades her remaining life for her father’s as a living trophy for an ancient beast.
    Read MoreAllura was shot in the line of duty, and the radiation is slowly eating her cells. Her life will not be long, so she is discharged and sent home to die. Her father was off on a trading mission, and he runs afoul of a terrifying creature who straps an explosive device to his head to ensure that the merchant will send the most beautiful thing that he sees back to the beast. Allura doesn’t mind leaving home. She doesn’t want to have her family watch her fall apart. She agrees to be something pretty for the monster to look at for as long as it lasts. The creature has a plan, an agenda, and he is willing to spend the rest of Allura’s life pursuing it. It is a good thing that he has the cure for her particular brand of radiation poisoning. As long as she abides by his rules, she gets the treatment, whether she knows she is being treated or not.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 An Dark Tails Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Four dark tales of erotica that go under the sea, into a haunted mansion, beneath the earth, and into the woods. Who will survive?
    Read MoreSea Men – Emmy is abandoned to the ocean for refusing to cross the friend-zone barrier finds herself the object of interest for some mermen as she loses her grip on reality. Swipe Right – Molly is on a first date. Her realtor companion decides to show her an unsellable house. When he makes a move she rebuffs him, but not in time to stop his girlfriend from seeing them. Cross Country – Lea is with friends and a guide on a skiing weekend, but she isn’t as fast as her companions. After a flurry, she is lost and they are gone. Finding shelter is her prime concern with night creeping in, but the mythical beast she has to share a cave with has more than sleep on his mind. Camping Out – after a stressful wedding Sara is tired of being the bridesmaid. Now here she is, forced to camp with friends while she remains in the only solo tent. She pitches her small site away from the others. The scratch on her flap in the middle of the night is definitely something that wants to know her better as it hauls her into the woods.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Enticed by the elf king to a ball in his kingdom, Amelia gets magical assistance for her wardrobe and a chance at a new life… after midnight.
    Read MoreAmelia has lived her life serving her family. At her stepmother’s urging, she has been running through the barrier that confines the elf king and stealing from the plants and trees that she can reach. Every time she passes the barrier, she starts a countdown and makes it out of the enchanted forest before the king thunders upon his horse. She listens for the hoofbeats and makes every moment count. Being caught by the elf king was less terrifying than she had imagined. He gave her aid and made her smile before telling her that he was going to be hosting a party... and she was going to attend. The king had been searching for a woman to break the curse he was under, and this young woman with the sad eyes and her penchant for the flora of his forest seemed precisely what he needed. She was definitely what he wanted. With her agreement and a little seduction, she might assist him in escaping midnight.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Maven tried to help a friend, ended up being diverted by a warlock and familiar. Don’t worry, they only want her for her body.
    Read MoreMaven is a good friend, so when she gets a text for a ride home, she goes to the private party and slips into the manor, looking for her acquaintance. What she finds shocks her into trying to leave, but a warlock and his familiar detain her in the kitchen while the guests are cleared out with memories wiped. The huge cat turns into a charming man, and the warlock is covered in angry shadows. When they look her over, they find something that she didn’t know she had—sex magic. Olmin and Argo are charming, flirtatious, and determined. They have found a source of magical power to light a beacon that they have been working on for hundreds of years, and now, they have a chance with Maven’s cooperation. After being used for their project, she tries to return to a normal life, but a large cat continues to curl up with her in bed, and she was never one to ignore a pair of fluffy ears and silky fur. Her life has just gotten tremendously complicated.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Trained in an abbey, she is finally out, married to a vampire, and looking for a fight within a day. Whatever will she do on day two?
    Read MoreTo protect herself and those around her, Ebra has spent the last twelve years at an abbey, training to be a good wife and mother... and assassin, commander, warrior, spy, and interior decorator. It was a full education that helped her manage the syndrome that made her so deadly. Assigned to the man her parents decided to give her to, she trusts her family not to do anything stupid. The offer to cure her is a surprise as there is only one cure. Death. The treatment that is offered is a cloned body without her flawed DNA and transfer of most of her consciousness before they destroy the original body. She would like a second opinion. A convenient attack on the space vessel she is on gives her the chance to escape her fate with minimal bloodshed. Getting caught by the man she proposed to is a bit of a surprise, but she is nothing if not adaptable. Changing from one suitor to the next is easy enough, but is the vampire going to be happy with the lady in his embrace, or will he have second thoughts?
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Abiha must ask the spirit of the first forest to allow her sister’s wedding, and she never expected his conditional answer.
    Read MoreAbiha has been banned from her home in the village of the first forest. Once she left, she must wait for an invitation to return. Finally, her mother needs her to return to gain the permission of the elders for her sister’s wedding to a local young man. Abiha is on the next transport home. She changes into the traditional garb that is all that is ever worn in the village, leaves all her tech behind, and after a security check, she enters the walled forest and inhales the scent of home. Her mother is as cold as she remembers, and her sister is as charming and loving. Once she drops her things at her family’s house, she goes to the temple to greet the spirit of the first forest, formally asks the elders in the village for permission, and hears the forest spirit agreeing to the union on one condition. She has to agree to him. Kiloh has watched the village for generations, watching and waiting for the genes to create someone compatible with his energies. When Abiha returns, his wait is over.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb He didn’t want her. He didn’t request her. But now that she is carrying his legacy he is not letting her go.
    Read MoreDekora travelled the stars to get medical treatment for a friend. Once she arrived on Gryphal, she had to get to work in order to pay for everything her friend needed. New organs aren’t cheap. Dekora takes a contract that puts her in harms way, and after a burning tree collapses on her she needs to find another means to make money. The research doctor arrives and makes her an offer. Gryphal needs a new hero born from the genetics of their current champion. She is the first viable match that they have found. If she agrees to donate an egg, she will get the funds for her friend’s care. She agrees and wakes up in a different wing of the med center with a cheerful nurse announcing her pregnancy. Khed Amur is notified that his legacy is assured, and he keeps an eye on the news feeds and hospital monitors. When the second attempt on his carrier’s life makes the news, he sweeps in to take her somewhere safe... with him. Life with a team of superheroes takes getting used to, but as Dekora’s pregnancy advances at an alarming pace she finds out that the life inside her isn’t the only change she’s going through. Things are about to get complicated.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Krys is pulled across dimensions by a mage who wants to feed her to a sleeping monster. She should have gone out with friends instead.
    Read MoreOne minute, Krys is in the shower; the next minute, she is swept across time and space to act as an offering to an ancient protector locked in stone. The rules are simple. She fails any of the challenges, and she can go home, but she is a determined over-achiever. A mage is assigned to keep her maintained, and he is also her coach and reference guide when it comes to dealing with the challenges and the complications of being a human on an alien world. Nen is a good instructor, and he has an eye toward her wellbeing. The moment that the protector wakes, he requires power. Krys had no idea that Kel was going to have to get it from her. Power turns to pleasure and exponentially clarifies and produces more energy than ever before. She has three days to help save a world, and then, she will be sent home. How can life at home compare with the embrace of two men who make her their entire focus? Well, mainly men... a lot of something else.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb She works at a space station catering to everyone else’s virtual fantasies. When a man gets stuck in the scenario, she must wake the sleeping prince.
    Read MoreStyra works at the Blue Station and has been programming since she was able to reach a keyboard. When she became an adult, she went from writing the simple scenarios and backgrounds to guiding tangled clients through the environments they had selected. Lately, she has been going in to pry out the difficult cases and making sure that everyone plays by the rules. Her boss calls her in on her day off and sends her in after an imperial captain. Somehow, he has gotten stuck in one of their fairy tale environments. She headed in to find the missing client, and the computer had locked him in the role of the sleeping beauty. The criteria were clear. A kiss was necessary to wake him, and the protocols were set. Once he was awake, she was ready to get him out of the scenario, but the computer was still locked. Yr-el wasn’t counting on his distaste for the virtual princess, but his drake had wanted to play in the scenario. When he wakes in the arms of a woman with moonlight for skin, he begins to understand why he was steered to this station at this time. All he had to do was get her to release the drake the same way she had released him, and he could begin a courtship.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Duped with a spa day, Billa finds out that she is the chosen offering to an ancient being from the stars. The massage wasn’t that good.
    Read MoreBilla has made her way with menial tasks to get her from world to world. She has learned to defend herself against other crewmen and switches ships when she needs to. Her latest ship is unremarkable, but they have a two-day layover, and Billa wants to spend some of her transport money. She has made arrangements at the only hotel in town that would take reservations and had a spa. Spa days are what she lived for. Billa runs into an ancient rite and finds herself with a starring role in the festivities. When a drake emerges from a hole in space and tries to take her as his tribute, the offering makes a run for it, with temporary success.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb At the end of her contract, she is about to be freed when an attack brings on her rising, and lives are at stake. Now, her life is no longer her own.
    Read MoreDylia was bonded as a private musician for the wealthy. She spent five years paying off her brother’s debts, and the day before she was to be free of the bond, her future plans went up in smoke. Using the bad judgment to get between a psycho and his prey, Dylia was the recipient of a blaster using kekxite energy. She was sent flying, and her dress was ruined, but the stalker wasn’t done yet. Dylia walked to stop the next blast, caught it, and sent it back through the gun. It shattered and disabled the attacker, but she had a bigger problem. The kekxite had brought on her rising. Farway was on duty when he got the call to get to a rising. Instead of the normal body count, he found a man who was wounded but still alive and a shuttle heading for a lake. The wild power signatures were pulsing inside the ship. This being was intensely strong. The hovering above the lake was odd, but he kept back. The rising was ready to blow. The delicate woman who stood on the open hatch and seemed to be waiting for something caught him by surprise. He watched as she timed things out, and when she felt it was time, she jumped. The Cascades of power pulsed out of her, harmlessly into the air. She fell for five seconds and could have powered a city with her output. She struck the water; he retrieved her and then flew her to the training center where she would get medical help and training. As a rising, she belonged to the empire. She belonged to him.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Running into a male entering rut gives her the opportunity to save her friends from punishment at the hands of the emperor. It isn’t really a hardship
    Read Moreydella is the imperial princess. The only imperial princess. Her father had one daughter by her mother and refused to have any other children. He is a man of his word. Tydella travels with ambassadorial duties and spends her birthday on a space station with her guard crew. She learns something that endangers her travelling family and decides to get into trouble to distract her parents from what her guards have been up to. She heads out of the station on her own for a few days of unrestricted solitude and runs into one of her father’s people while clearing customs. He’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s stripey, and is going into rut. She can smell it. Their eyes meet, but she turns and takes off, waiting for a large ship to stick to in order to run through a gate without registering her location. She just happens to pick his ship. Ador is fascinated by the sprightly woman with flashing eyes and magnificent attributes. He is disappointed that she slipped away from him at the station and beyond fascinated when he catches her magnetized to his ship. He offers her a choice and is stunned when she agrees to help him work off his rut. She gets a vacation, he gets a partner, what could possibly complicate things?
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb The Red Prince has escaped his home world and his arranged marriage. The Little Wolf has been dispatched to bring him home... intact enough for his bride.
    Read MoreWhen the queen announced that her son was going to be wed in ten days, Solari felt nothing. When it was noticed that he had escaped, she felt nothing. When she was assigned to chase after him, she was irritated. With her beast locked in her body by a subduing tether, Solari has lived the last ten years half alive as a member of the queen’s wolves. Heading into space is the last place she wants to be, but she knows where Prince Hazwell is going, there is only one place to start a journey in the area. He is heading toward his grandmother’s house... or space station. Hazwell has never considered a married life where Solari wasn’t in the picture, but she was made into one of his mother’s guards, and they were not up for grabs. The announcement of his engagement had come as a shock, and his crimson guards spirited him away to his grandmother’s space station where he could get a long-range ship and figure out what he wanted to do next. The trouble was that his grandmother did nothing for free, and his performance in the arena is a requirement for his acquisition of the ship. When the Little Wolf also enters the arena, all bets are on.
  • e-Book
    File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Orion and the scorpion is a story everyone knows, but Stinger has no interest in killing the man who helps her manage a wave of lust. He might be just what she’s looking for.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Distant Fairy Tales Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit Running from a broken heart sends her home, but home ends up a thousand worlds away, and she ends up at the mercy of the master of the shattered world.
    Read MoreKeva has been having the worst day. She has found out her boyfriend was cheating, gone home to her father’s house, and been teleported across the stars. It has been trying.

    She wakes up trapped in her house with no idea why, and the stars and space station she can see from the house were not there yesterday.

    Azzul won the manor house and all contents in a card game and dispatched drones to bring it to him. It was not supposed to be occupied. The living being in the house should be dead. That puzzle alone has his attention, and watching the human woman walk around the home and grounds convinces him of one thing. She is art personified... and she belongs to him.

  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Mechanical Advantage Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A woman under repair with a skill for assessing survival meets a previous acquaintance who is now more than a match for her..
    Read MoreIn the year 2280, Earth has been at war for a decade. The Splice take the humans they capture and use them for parts. Sending bots in place of humans didn’t work, but taking the wounded and turning them into cyborgs has enabled Earth to push the Splice away from Earth. The combination of metal and man is turning the tide in a war that no one could have imagined. Adaptation Base is where the wounded are recycled into enhanced warriors, and when a terrorist action takes out the administration, the newest cyborgs will have to take things into their own hands. When Stitch comes to, her position as an assessment officer is still valid, but her new location on the front lines means a lot of adjustment. The men she had designed from the wounds out are now her team, and finding the one who had flirted his way into her heart—after all this time—leaves her vulnerable to his mechanical advantage.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Dasher gains life as a human, but she is missing a connection. She wants a mate and is willing to do whatever it takes to find one.
    Read MoreOne of nine reindeer that pulls Santa’s sleigh, Dasher wants nothing more than to find a partner, a mate, someone to be with. With the restrictions in the workshop, she has only one choice—she goes to the human world and starts trying men on for size. The down side to mating with a human is that they don’t remember her the following day. The depressing point is that none of them have the stamina to keep up with her and there are no second chances. Every time is the first time with a human. When she is assigned to a shop that needs an emergency audit, she enjoys the thrill of digging through the messy paperwork, and she has plans for the proprietor. One time might be enough if it was with him. Argus has been sent to bring back a reindeer, but the woman with smoldering dark eyes is more than he was banking on. She seems nice, but he wants her naughty.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 The Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb She wants her boss, so she leaves. He wants her, so he follows. Negotiating for her time, he manages a date, and she begins dodging the alpha. Fate will have to take steps.
    Read MoreNora was an excellent administrative assistant until the day a business associate of her boss made an aggressive pass. She tells her boss, and he tells her to thicken her skin, having heard the other male’s version of the event. She can toughen up or quit. She chooses the option that will stop the pain of the dismissal.

    Sabin is shocked when he finds out she is leaving, and he’s devastated when he learns that it is her last day. He had enjoyed having her next to him, breathing in her scent all day every day and spent many hours trying to find a way around the whole employee-employer thing, but now, it was solved for him. A frantic kiss tells him what she tastes like at long last, and now, he has to find a way to get her back to his side.

    Nora ends up in a situation where she smells like a hot omega and is at a party full of alphas. Sabin is there and offers his help for the bargain price of one night.

    That night spins into events that will echo through their lives, and defying families, a curse, and stalkers, they make their way to a family future.

  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb When her sister is murdered by a criminal, Zera sets a plan into action to seek revenge on her own terms. She might enlist a little help
    Read More*warning. contains sexual situations that may not be enjoyed by all readers. mf, fmm, ffmm, and a few fetishes* Zera has grown up on a world where actives develop superpowers and are less than fifteen percent of the population. It is expected that actives serve society, but some of them have other ideas. Zera is a master of weapons design, but her active nature is that of a hopper. She can literally jump into someone else’s body and hide inside. Her sister, Susara, is Suit Bait. She projects vulnerability, which attracts the right and wrong type of interest. When Susara’s soul is shattered and she is left to die, Zera sets a series of actions in motion that involve a superhero escort service, patrons who pay extensively for the pleasure of a superhuman partner, and clients with very specific needs. The Blind Date Corporation arranges dates between patrons and the escorts, while the escorts wear a mask that covers their eyes and blurs the memories of the patrons so that no stalker issues arise. The company is flourishing until one of the original patrons from the days before the masks outs Zera as an escort, and the entire plan of revenge for Susa’s death ramps up a notch. Super.
  • e-Book
    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Tormented by those who should have protected her, Olivia has one chance at an actual life, and she just has to give herself with no reservations.
    Read MoreBorn to blossom into an omega, something in Olivia’s life went wrong. Instead of having her heats and looking for her own alphas, she is defective. Her body gives her pain, and she wants nothing to do with the thought of a sexual liaison with anyone.

    Her sister follows her father’s footsteps and keeps her on their property and running the bed and breakfast, which is a boring existence for Olivia until her heat is due and her rule against taking reservations during that time is broken by her greedy sibling. There is an emergency, and they are going to be hosting a guest.

    No one said the guest would be an alpha.

    What follows is a meeting, a realization, and a rescue that changes not only Olivia’s life but that of her pride as well.

    Argus is just going to a family wedding rehearsal when he begins hearing the phrase defective omega. He has researched a lot of omegas, and there is no such thing as a defective one. When he realizes that these words are describing the dainty little woman who helped his panthers get settled, he has a quick discussion with his pride mates, and they head off to rescue the omega in question. With any luck, she will choose them. If not, they will have to charm her. Either way, Olivia is theirs.

  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb, .epub Hannah wants nothing more than to pay off her bond and live free, but her patron has other ideas and centuries to keep her. Body and soul.
    Read MoreAfter a planet-killing asteroid, humanity has to huddle under shelters and live in the dimmest of places. A year of brutal survival and the breakdown of society leave Hannah less than hopeful of her prospects in the new world. A message in the darkness offers a lifeline to those who wish to leave Earth to be bonded servants to alien masters. For most, the price of their bond will be labour, but for Hannah, it turns into something else. With a stunningly high sensuality rating, she is a prime sexual bondservant and the bidding for her services ends with an amount that breaks records. Her patron is a male with wings who belongs to a species that does more than need sex; they consume it. Mero only needs to look at her, and he is hungrier than he has ever been.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Imara needs a familiar, but what she ends up with is the toughest kitten in the magical world.
    Read MoreImara has lived a life separate from her family. She wasn’t shunned, just never acknowledged. The seventh child of a seventh child, she had had the bad taste to be born a girl. Her father’s family had no use for a girl, so she was sent to a city where the populace didn’t use magic. Now that she is grown and entering college, she has chosen the best magical college in the country. It just happens to be located in her birth city. When family begins to encroach on her education and someone threatens her life, can her new familiar do as he promised and keep her safe, or will Imara have to use what little magic she has learned to keep herself alive? Either way, things are going to be unpleasant
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Trin has been raised with the knowledge that her parentage was unknown and she was human. Those two items were the cornerstone of her existence.
    Read MoreAn altercation at a baby shower leads to her discovering another side to herself. That side was big, crystalline, and caused the other dragons in her vicinity to bow their heads. Defending her friend had led her into this new shape, and now, she was stuck with it. Taken to the central hub of the dragon council, she trades her cooperation for knowledge and freedoms. She had been an independent woman a lot longer than she had been a dragon, and she wasn’t going to lose her lifestyle just because she could suddenly breathe blasts of pure energy. Along the way, she learns about where she came from, and it gives her an outline for the life she wants, with the dragon of her choosing.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Monstrous Ball Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb What girl doesn’t want to go to the ball? Maybe not on Monster Island...
    Read MoreArabella is nearing the end of her work visa on Monster Island when she gets invited to the full moon ball by the mayor of the island. The band that she is given marks her as an invitee of the next full moon ball, and she notices the looks she gets from the locals when they see it. No one else is sporting an all-onyx band.

    After an altercation at work, she ends up needing medical attention, and she is the only one surprised when the mayor arrives and carries her to the med centre, where he introduces her to aspects of his appearance that are not so human.

    He is very good with his tongue.

    Harrow has been waiting centuries for a mate to present herself. Monsters don’t get many chances when the screaming and running start. Arabella is different. When she sees his teeth, she smiles, and when he uses his tongue, she cuddles up for more.

    Only a full night at the ball will determine if they are a match or if heavy petting is where it ends.

  • e-Book
    (Book 0.5 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Traded for a blood debt, in service to a vampire, and loaned to a shifter, Zora never thought to find pleasure…
    Read MoreZora has always felt the stigma of being born to a family tainted by vampire blood. That family legacy becomes vividly real when her great-great grandfather tracks her down and trades her for a blood debt owed to the local vampire king. Zora finds a way to use her particular skill set in the vampire court and her first week goes well, until the vampire king decides she needs the comfort of a warm shifter next to her at night. Dragon shifter Rigeck has come to see the woman his friend wants him to heat up. The shy miss surrounded by salivating potential suitors is just what he’s been looking for. Her blood will confirm if his instincts are correct. But first, he’ll taste the rest of her, for his own entertainment. Will their one night together be enough to keep him from taking her to his lair, or will instinct win the day?
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Alphy needs a guide, a pilot, and a companion. Who knew that Lexo could fit all requirements?
    Read MoreAlone on a station with only the voices in her head, Alphy needs to get in touch with the humans who are left out in space, and that means moving her ship. The trouble that she has is that the station was never designed to be flown by someone who didn’t even have a driving license. Lexo has only been out of stasis for less than a week, but he jumps at the chance to leave his sister and her lover behind to seek out the bliss of the stars once again. Programmed to rage against the enemy, he must work to keep himself calm when confronted with a woman who activates his nervous system on sight. Lust has to take a back seat to the flight of the station; he just needs to find out what the huge ship is actually designed to do. When Alphy finds out that there have been changes made to her systems, she must face being a freak among cyborgs with her altered design.
  • e-Book
    Series - An Obscure City book 2 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .lrf., epub, pdb Contracted to a wolf pack, she makes a choice that frees her body and shakes the very stone around her. Bound magic is still dangerous.
    Read MoreAtty is contracted to a wolf pack to fulfill a prophecy, and they have educated her to be a good mate to their upcoming king. The night before her wedding makes her throw fate to the winds, and the next day at the ceremony, she rejects all that she had been raised to expect and makes a run for it. Her exit from the pack did not leave her unscathed, so she drives as far as she can and pleads her case to the moon when forced to walk. She sits and draws patterns on the stone under her before feeling serenity flow through her and giving her the strength to continue her journey. Years pass as she goes from menial jobs to manager positions to opening her own café in a downtown highrise. When she meets the building owner, there is something familiar about him, and the familiar thing is her own magic in a huge grey body covered with carved glyphs. How he got her power is a mystery, but the look in his eyes says that they have met before. She hates to think it, but he’s right.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Distant Fairy Tales Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb An accidental meeting leads to a connection that will last forever... if they ever meet again.
    Read MoreEjected from her home, Nyna is forced to run across the city to her grandmother’s house. If she had known it was the night of her first heat, she might have jumped into the sewers instead of trying to outrun the huntsmen of the Overlord of Y’tel.

    Trapped in a colony city, she runs as fast as she can wearing her red cloak. The canine heads of the Lyron hunters focus on her, but they are waiting for the bell that lets them hunt. She hates that damned bell.

    Sornoth sees the flicker of red, catches her scent, and waits impatiently, quickly beating the fellow huntsmen who would have pursued her before he chases after her himself.

    When he catches her, the taste of her burns itself into his brain, and after he marks her, he sends her on to her destination. It will be two and a half years before they meet again, and when he meets his son for the first time, things change.

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Trained, stalked, and marked for death was not her plan for the day. Time for a road trip to clear her head.
    Read MoreTrin has trained to be stealthy, trained to defend herself, but when a bounty on her head threatens the safety of her friends, she has to get out of town. Visiting a friend and mixing business with her escape, she learns that dragons mixing their bloodlines may be more common than anyone thought. She spends enough time in Breaker City ordering tea and ceramics to figure out what she wants to do next, and what she wants to do is find out who and where she came from. Learning the details of her family tree leaves her shaken, but nothing can hold her back when it comes to following her instincts. Not even the very folk she came to meet.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Monstrous Ball Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Connecting to the sea is one thing; taking a sea monster police chief as a lover is quite another...
    Read MoreMara doesn’t know why she’s on the ferry to Monster Island, but she knows that a job is waiting. She goes through orientation, meets the local police chief, and is taken to her assignment and residence. She’s going to be a waitress.

    Tyron has spent thousands of years waiting to find a human to act as a mate. When he meets Mara, he senses that she has a lovely spirit with a longing for the water, but that’s it. Arabella identifies her as a likely candidate for Tyron, so he made sure to put her where he could find her at his restaurant.

    On her day off, he gives her an invitation to the ball but being uncharacteristically impatient, he proposes a date before the full moon.

    Can a woman who can’t remember her past consider a future with a monster classified as ancient and terrible? Of course. At least she can see this monster coming. It’s purple.

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Blind Date Corporation Series) She has something he wants, and it’s embarrassing. Pretending she’s normal loses its appeal in the arms of her own assassin.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Living as human prey beneath the earth, Fiona knew that anything would be better than the life that stretched ahead. The stars made an offer and she took it.
    Read MoreUsed as a sexual trading card between the rich and powerful survivors of the lethal impact has left Fiona with an urge for change. She needs out and the offer from an alien race to be a bondservant until she paid out her transport and training is an offer she wants to take them up on. Once on the education base she gets the help she needs to feel something again, and that training is going to come in useful when her test results come back and place her in an elite group of humans who can be of use to the Hmrain. Aarak has just learned about the humans from his sibling, and as he was in the area, he decided to see if another human could be found with the high sensuality rating that his people needed to feed. He wasn’t thinking of his people, he was thinking of securing a long-term bond mate that would serve him as he needed it. He could never have anticipated the wounded woman with the heart of gold who brought up instincts he never knew he had.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Dancer craves social interaction, so when she takes the chance to run, she heads to the mall.
    Read MoreDancer joined the exodus from the workshop in a chance to experience life and possibly love. She focuses on life and finds herself working in a mall as a security guard. Watching humans in their preparations for Christmas gives her a feeling of purpose and renews her energy for the holiday. A new photographer at Santa’s Grotto gains a crowd and Dancer’s admiration. He handles children with skill and coaxes smiles out of the most recalcitrant little ones. Dancer catches his eye, and she acknowledges the mutual attraction. A bit of light flirting and fending off attackers creates a bond that definitely embodies the spirit of giving
  • e-Book
    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Her mates are her own, with one waiting in the wings. Now, she needs to finish what she started and get a little revenge at the same time.
    Read MoreOlivia has been rescued from years of torture and is working to settle into a life with her mates and the omega next door and another feline alpha who wants to join their group. She is gaining confidence, friends, and now, there is one thing to do... go on dates with her mates. Oh, and she has to finish a very important memoir.


    What follows is a meeting, a realization, and a rescue that changes not only Olivia’s life but that of her pride as well.

    Argus is just going to a family wedding rehearsal when he begins hearing the phrase defective omega. He has researched a lot of omegas, and there is no such thing as a defective one. When he realizes that these words are describing the dainty little woman who helped his panthers get settled, he has a quick discussion with his pride mates, and they head off to rescue the omega in question. With any luck, she will choose them. If not, they will have to charm her. Either way, Olivia is theirs.

  • e-Book
    (Book 1 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Forced into a one-week ride-along with agents of the XIA, Benny tries to hide the fact that she isn’t quite human.
    Read MoreBenny has lived her life in the shadows, avoiding the public eye. Her life as a recipe blogger pays the bills and lets her socialize, but she is about to get the assignment of a lifetime. Her boss orders her into a one-week ride-along with agents of the XIA, the eXtranormal Investigation Agency. It is the anniversary of the agency, and they need to improve their exposure with the general public. Against her objections, she is paired with a standard set of agents—a vampire, a shifter, and a fey. They are willing to work with her, and it is only when she signs the waivers that she learns why. They all read her column. A week doesn’t seem like much time to learn about an organization that deals with things most folks don’t enjoy thinking about, but it whips past when the assignments go from casual crime to murders that have one pivot point. Benny.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A would-be magus with studying on her mind must deal with a possible suitor and her feisty hellkitten.
    Read MoreImara made it through her first term without too many issues, but now that she is in the second term, a magic-draining fiend is stalking the students, and her familiar is bored with guiding her through the early stages of magic. He has taken to giving her misinformation to see if she can use her own judgments. It is a challenge she doesn’t really need. XIA agents are taking courses at the college, and one of them ends up next to Imara during her ethics course. A few conversations lead to a lunch date, and now, she must determine if a social life is worth more than her scholastic one. Mr. E just likes going on lunch dates. The servers swoon over his cute fuzziness. He is no help at all.
  • e-Book
    (Book 2 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb She’s raised a child to near adulthood and found him a mentor to help him out. She has one thing left on her to-do list, and that is to find the moron who knocked her up and kick that scaly idiot in the jaws.
    Read MoreLuna has gone through the last seventeen years keeping herself and her son alive and cared for. She has needed dragon fire and used all means to get it. Her history is now something that she would have been mortified to hear about from another source, but she has survived, and that is what matters.

    With Erik learning how to be a dragon alpha from another dragon alpha, she is free to help friends and finally start enjoying her life a little while she looks for the dragon who has locked her body so it can’t support itself. It has made for a challenging few years.

    To compound complexity, Erik’s father looked a little different from the standard driver’s license photo. It was a man-sized dragon who loved her that night and left her on her own... and she has to find him to get control of her life again.

  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Programming nanites isn’t a hobby; it is in her blood. Time to break the mold and see what she can do.
    Read MoreLucky was holding the bomb that blew the staff of Adaptation Base to pieces. Instead of suffering from the blast, the acid in the device consumed her soft tissues. From the moment she came out of medical on a new base, she has been working to assist the cyborgs of the base with customizing the fit and flex of their new adaptations. When her friends come for her, she is relieved, but the station isn’t interested in parting with her quite that easily. The resulting hostilities drive some wedges in the two factions, but a Splice attack has everyone seeing sense in no time. Nervous around human men, her friends assign Lucky a bodyguard with large wings and rainbow eyes. He is polite, charming, a biologist, and very attentive. If he plays his cards right, he just might get Lucky.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A stranger walks through the woods and offers to take her from her broken world. Hell yes. With conditions.
    Read MoreWith the asteroid looming, she makes a run for a family farm and the animals therein. After the crash with communications cut off, she lives a routine of subsistence and survival with no other soul to speak to. When a stranger walks up to her, silver skin and black hair, he introduces himself and offers her a way out. Life in the stars with him. She counters that her animals have to come as well. There is some negotiation, and he agrees to send her a tutor so that this is all done legally. Then, he flies away. To her surprise, her hallucination was as good as his word, and she is swept into a world of etiquette, manners, and languages. Her life in the stars has a specific pattern. She is a body servant, a bondservant, a companion, and a mistress, but she has to do it all with the same haircut. Tricky stuff.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Her aunt is her roommate, assassins are closing in, and she still needs a dress for the dragon ball. Buckle up.
    Read MoreAfter finding out where she actually came from, Trin is now trying to hide from the family who wants her genes for analysis and who wants her aunt Meadra back. Hiding in Breaker City works for a while, but when kidnappers and assassins threaten those who have tried to keep them safe, Trin decides that a return to the capitol is what she needs. She knows where everything is and how to defend herself in the place she grew up. Hiding with friends is far superior to hiding alone. Apraxa is back from the sea kingdom, and she has no inclination to return for the present. Her mother is abusive, and her fiancé is a bit of a jerk. She joins their merry band and heads out with them to the dragon ball. If she can’t get over her fiancé, perhaps there is another dragon who would do as well. Meadra needs a mate for security, Apraxa needs one to spite her fiancé, and Trin is going to destroy any dragoness who gets near Brommin before she can. That nerd is hers!
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Being lucky was all she knew until the man from her past ends up auditing her active status, and she has to choose to run or stay. Run it is.
    Read MoreTirra has had it rough. She started out as a victim, turned into an asset, and ended up as a survivor. Her active life had started in an unorthodox way; her career was the result of years of focus and working for Z-Tech as an executive trainer made it easy for her to transition into designing the training plan for the different escorts of the Blind Date Corporation.

    She spent five years working with the escorts and creating connections with restaurants, hotels, and other venues where dates would take place. As the resort was opened in Aksalla, she was chosen for the position of management when her past arrives to audit her active skills as an analyst. She is shocked by the appearance of the man she used to dread and desire with equal measure.

    Gorith had a party trick that could set any woman off with two points of contact. It had helped him carve out a niche when he was undercover, but when he met the manager of the resort, the echo from his past became a roar for the future. He might be classified as a monster, but he brought the same out in her, and together, they are going to have to fight their way through the dates, protocols, and a family wedding that he wasn’t prepared for.

  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Her magic is coming along, her kitten is still deadly, and she is about to make an actual friend. Controlling weather is simple by comparison.
    Read MoreSky Breaking seemed like a useful course, but its usefulness lay in the amount of credits that would count toward Imara’s degree. Once she is in the course, she meets the only other student, and they strike an unlikely friendship. Kitigan is a seer who has an interest in farming and apiculture, weather magic is part of that peculiar parcel. After a series of classes that turn into tests, Imara is happy to head to Kitty’s farm for a weekend away from school, and Mr. E wants to head out and ride some sheep. Everybody has something to do, including the trespassing werewolf pack that just moved in next to Kitty’s family farm. Imara has to walk the fine line between guest and defender while taking her Death Keeper skills for a spin. Her weekend is anything but relaxing.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Prancer loves big machines, and what gets a person in the mood for Christmas like a snow plow?
    Read MorePrancer has no problem with her place on the team, but she wants to experience some of the wonderful new vehicles she has been seeing every Christmas Eve. When she enters the human world, she assigns herself to drive a snow plow. It is everything she wants at a safe distance from any and all human interference. She wants to watch them, not be among them. It worked out well for her until the night she hit the snowman on the side of the road, and it was occupied. Merkoss thought he was on his way to intercepting one of the reindeer with a few weeks to go. He leaves the workshop and ends up encased in a snowman, moving through time as well as space. After being struck by the snow plow, he finds himself facing his target, but he only has twenty-four hours to convince her that she should return to the workshop. Time is of the essence.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb Andrea’s an abused omega, and Dell is a neglected beta. After time and shared trauma, they end up bonding in a pack made to protect the omega, and it changes to support the beta.
    Read MoreAndy was trapped in a relationship that was forced on her. Her finances were depleted on a regular basis. She couldn’t choose her own life, car, associates. He even decided she should bear his child when his wife wouldn’t.

    His sudden death was more relief than burden, and her body immediately undergoes a transformation from stunted beta to petite omega. Only her terror is holding her back now. A friend she has known for years steps in and helps hold her up. He finds her a pack and helps her embrace her new designation and all it means. The pack finds her an assistant to manage life with five males.

    Dell is a woman who has seen the dark side of alphas. When she is offered the chance to work with and for Andrea, she accepts and helps her through the loss of the child she never chose but still looked forward to. Dell had her own experience a few years earlier.

    The day she meets Andrea’s pack, Dell is prepared to stand in the shadows, but her own nature puts her into the path of one of the alphas, and he is delighted to finally have a breeding mate of his very own.

    Balancing her job and her lover will be difficult as the pack pulls tight, with Andrea and Dell firmly in the middle.

  • e-Book

    Three Thousand Roses

    (The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Lexa’s life has been a fight, but now, an alpha from her past has offered her protection and safety with the help of two others. For her daughter’s safety, she will pay their price.
    Read MoreLexa’s debut as an omega was traumatic and left her scarred. She has spent the five years since fighting to keep her adopted daughter and keep her sanity

    At the limit of her resources, there is a knock on her door, and the love of her life from five years earlier is standing there, and he finally asks her what happened after he left her. Her answers shake him, and he leaves. There is a certain amount of peace to seeing him again, and she gets on with her life.

    Two weeks later, he returns with an offer of protection and safety with two other alphas of his ursa type who have agreed to form a unit for her benefit. Lexa thinks about the safety of her daughter, and she agrees to meet the first of her prospective mates. His identity shocks her, and his clever tongue makes her head spin.

    The next prospect is terrifying, adorable, and enthusiastic. She gets lost in his arms, and she agrees to his protection. Her original mate from years ago is willing to stand aside and act as guardian, but it doesn’t feel right to ignore him. Their connection feels like it was never broken, and her heart aches for him. Can she really start anew with the man from her past and two charming strangers?

  • e-Book
    (Book 2 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Benny is swept on a quest to save her parents, and binding herself to her agents is all part of the plan. Who knew it was permanent?
    Read MoreBenny has completed the XIA course that will let her work with the agents she became close to while hunting a serial killer. It will take effect the moment they are cleared of demonic influence. Nothing like knowing that your blood is despised to make a girl feel wanted. After a night on the town with Freddy, Benny runs into the agents, and they are not only hogging her favourite taco joint, but they are interested in her social status. She is about to say yes to whatever they can come up with when she gets a call from her house, and the night goes downhill from there. Karaoke, kidnapping and binding spells make up the rest of the night when Benny must head to the demon zone and Argyle, Smith and Tremble refuse to let her go alone. Nothing like jumping into a dimensional prison to lock in a first date.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, No good deed goes unpunished. A snowy bit of assistance links her to a blood alpha and sends her into a world she never asked for.
    Read MoreCoralynn does just enough to get by. There is no point in trying harder; the world always pulls her down.

    She works at a restaurant in a ridiculous outfit and is ordered to rescue a limo and help some wealthy investors get to their establishment. It is the moment that Coralynn’s life skids sideways.

    Meeting a blood alpha in the snow was surprising. Having him show up at her home was astonishing. Feeling her body changing to accommodate him is disturbing.

    She becomes his lover, shares his bed, and starts to believe that her life might stay bright, and then, an attack, injuries, and a long recovery time with the book club’s caretakers makes her re-evaluate her place in the world and how lonely life was when the trust was brutally destroyed.

  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb She would do anything to survive, including getting herself damaged and off the companion list. A Hmrain finds her in an unlikely place for an unlikely partnership.
    Read MoreAthena made it to a pickup point, past the physical, and up to the education station. Her training was difficult, but when she found out she was a likely candidate for companionship to a Hmrain, she took drastic action. Being disfigured was the one situation that the station would accept to lower her classification and position her in the bulk-purchase category. Her bond would be purchased as part of a group acquisition, and she would be able to earn out her price on some alien world before she swept out to travel the stars, working as she went. With her goal in mind, she put herself in the path of the most toxic creature on the station, and she ticked it off. The resulting scar across her face did the job. She was out. It was just her luck that when she was on her new planet, she was very good at her job. Her team comes to the attention of the Hmrain overseer, and her planning has come to naught.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Inheritor of a family vendetta, getting revenge on the dragons has side effects that raise a lot of questions.
    Read MoreAll Aeli wanted was revenge for her father. She planned and schemed in secret, finally carrying out a plot that she had designed as a disgruntled teen. She takes the spell to the dragon council and lets the ball go, shattering, spreading the banishment spell, and kicking all the dragons out of the city in one large cascade. Imagine her surprise when she gets sucked out into the open wasteland outside the city, and the dragons know who is responsible for her plight. Councillor Kreelo comes to her rescue and flies her to safety where she comes to grips with what her banishment means and how it will affect her life. She had no idea she was a dragon and thinks it is ridiculous, but how else would the spell grab her. She needs to undo the spell so she can return to normal. If anyone in Rekker City will accept her to spite her fiancé, and Trin is going to destroy any dragoness who gets near Brommin before she can. That nerd is hers!
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 The Omega Next Door Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, .pdb Alita lives for her horses, but she is pursued by a dragon alpha seeking her specifically. She’s an omega, but she’s in rough shape. Can dragon fire turn her from broken to whole?
    Read MoreAlita has been living in agony with damage from a crushing accident with her every minute of every day. She has found a sideline by working with other omegas as the equestrian in some music videos, but when she gets invited to a party for Lexa, she also falls into the arms of Lexa’s brother-in-law, the dragon alpha Nikolai.

    If Alita knew how close the dragon was to the surface, she would have run. He marks her with dragon fire, and she feels a relief from pain as scarred tissue knits and nerves are soothed.

    AWhen he shows up the next day with his beta Alexi, her family is appalled, but she knows that she has one chance at a life with a mate, an alpha and his beta. She gets in the helicopter, and that new life starts. Her life becomes her, her alpha, their beta, and Nikolai’s dragon. Only one of them never says please.

  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Forced to be a medic at a corrupt arena, Cracker dreams of getting one person on her side, and then, he shows up.
    Read MoreCracker’s life after the explosion was textbook. She only had one broken leg from the blast, but she was sent to the arena at the request of some retired generals, and there, she was altered into a lost leg with a tether running through it. She was delighted when communication with everyone as possible, and even if she had to hide her equipment, she had friends to talk to again. She hid her situation as best she could, but the day that she met the first-gen cyborg, she thought that things might just be turning around.. With a tiny drop of hope in her life, she asked Lucky for programs that would help her out of her situation, and her friend delivered. Cracker was now back in action.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Teaching the visitors about the holiday stars is fun until a man who burns brighter than the sun enters Vixen’s orbit.
    Read MoreVixen chooses life with astronomy, and she ends up as an educator and a researcher for a tiny observatory struggling to make ends meet. When Vi arrives, she makes an impression and takes over most of the day-to-day operations, which is fine until an elf comes calling. Xander has been sent to bring Vixen home, but he doesn’t know how he will go about convincing her that it is a good idea, until he asks her out and she tells him what she wants. Magic and wonder are the hallmarks of Christmas, and these two have it in spades.
  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb She has a crush on her boss and just knows he’s a demon in the sack. She just has to wait until she can find out firsthand.
    Read MoreArcady has worked for Z-Tech long enough to apply to their sister company, the Blind Date Corporation. With a tech-based blindfold, she goes on dates with other actives whose powers are compatible with her own.

    She has had a crush on her boss since the day she met him, but it was only when she started spending a few nights each week with other powered beings that he filed his own application to become one of her dates.

    Their first night is magical, but it ends in disaster that brings them close far more quickly than either imagined.

    Dr. Krizt goes from scientist to lover, but no matter his role, one thing is certain. He wants her body.

  • e-Book
    (Book 4 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Stealing an ancient artifact is a strange test, but going up against her family and the law adds a new level of difficulty.
    Read MoreImara wants nothing more than to find a different course, but Stealth Magic gives her the credits she needs to stay on track and there aren’t any other options rearing their heads. Stealth Magic is not what she thought it would be, and the idea of breaking into a home to rob an ancient artifact for her final exam was a little daunting. Luckily, Imara has friends who are going to help her through training, some old and some new. Through some work with the XIA, she finds a tutor for her training, and a place to do it. Ritual Space offers her a welcome and the inhabitants set themselves to the monumental task of her training. The exam is getting closer and time is a factor. Mr. E just likes chasing the enchanted bunnies of Ritual Space.
  • e-Book
    (Book 3 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb After facing demons and murderers, their greatest task is in front of them - meeting the in-laws.
    Read MoreWith her binding to her partners, Benny feels safe and settled. She wants to start her career in the XIA and make a place in that organization. The past rears up and has other ideas. The binding has its own issues. Their group has to meet and greet each family they are attached to and try to gain approval for their union. A different technique is required for each species, and they have to be ready for anything. True love might win the day, but politics is a pain in the butt.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Led by her dreams, she finds her way into the stars where fate conspires to put her exactly where she needs to be, in a hero’s path.
    Read MoreWhen her parents died, Lyra was untethered. She left school, followed her dreams, and focused on keeping herself alive. She is not a fan of people and enjoys being alone. After the asteroid hit, she spends sometime surviving and the rest looking for one of the evacuation posts. She finds it and agrees to the caveat that she will be given a job placement that suits her skills. Across the stars, she works as a security unit pilot, steering a large, heavy bot around and keeping watch over a rehab hospital for superheroes. As a hazing ritual, a few of the guardians sneak out to try and unmask the new security unit, so when confronted with a handsome man landing on her chest, she does what any girl would do. She shoots him in the face and then has to deal with the fallout of stunning the overseer’s only son. It isn’t love at first sight, but weeks later, when she is enjoying a day off, they collide under far more romantic circumstances, and their unorthodox courtship continues.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Betas in Waiting Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, Jess became an archer after a meeting on an aircraft. Now she has to wonder what she was matched with. The centaur at her door is a shock.
    Read MoreJess has been a faithful ward of the minotaur herd until the day she is out of her mind with heat, and her dream man walks up to her door and brings her flowers. She grabs him, throws him to the floor, and has her way with him until he calls a halt and tells her he’s only willing to go all the way if he can show her the rest of him. Intriguing. Things get complicated, but she gets to home base with her centaur and is interrupted again by friends and family.

    Time passes, and they reunite under stressful circumstances but eventually agree on a union, another partner, and a future.

    Stihl has been pretending that everything will be fine, but with no job prospects, she is drifting from couch to couch until an urgent request from the book club puts her back in action as a chef. The wedding leads to her meeting up with her one-night stand, and he still is waiting for an omega.

    She has no choice but to run home, beg for help, and submit to her grandmother’s plans for her. It is the last thing she wants, but the only thing she can think of to save herself and her children. If their father doesn’t want them, she will find a path of her own, back through high society with an arranged marriage, just like her grandmother wanted.

  • e-Book
    (Book 5 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Born nameless in a tank, they try and make her into a weapon, but she chooses defiance.
    Read MoreEltrinia sounds like a good name, and Lem comes naturally. After falling through the sky during a lightning storm, Eltrinia is free of the tube that they grew her in, and while she doesn’t yet know her name, she knows that she needs to get in touch with society. A fisherman and his wife take her in, and a shore patrolman offers to take her to safety, but minimal contact with him tells her all she needs to know. The valley wants her back, she is expensive, and they have scouts looking everywhere for her. Her captor thinks he is in charge, but that is when he meets the lightning. After that, things get a little blurry.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Blind Date Corporation Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb He had been her favourite date, so she arranged for him to be the father of her child... should she have told him?
    Read MoreVallu spent over five years as an escort with the Blind Date Corporation. On her last date, she used her activation to provide her with something she needed... a child. She just didn’t tell him. How likely was it that he would run into her in the real world? He was from an island in the bay; she was from a suburb. If she hadn’t stopped downtown for a hotdog, nothing would have happened.

    Etgar has been searching for Five for four months, and while the management of BDC has been no help, he holds out hope that she will be in his arms again... off-contract. When he catches her scent near a hotdog vendor, he follows the scent to the source. She denies her identity as Five, but her scent doesn’t lie. The bright green eyes are a surprise, as is getting shot in the back by a drive-by assassin.

    Vallu heals him in the vehicle as his bodyguards recover him, and he refuses to leave without her. She focuses on stopping the bleeding and repairing him as the men drive them to safety. Well, safety for Etgar. The island he lives on is his family home, and they own it all. She has just been dropped into his own little kingdom, but she has some conditions to remain with him. It isn’t like she has had four months to plan or anything.

  • e-Book
    (Book 4 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb She never wanted to inherit, but being trapped in an altered body on a magical property has its perks. The 24-hour guard.
    Read MoreIn a flash of agony, Adrea knew her Aunt Neadra was dead. Waking in hospital was strange enough, but having her colouring changed to that of her dead relative was a little hard to take. Adrea called the authorities to let them know her aunt had been murdered and made the three-hour trip to get to her aunt’s home. Shockingly, things get out of control from there. She is arrested, questioned and released back to Ritual Space, where she has to seal the breach in the wards with her own blood. Officer Hyl Luning is assigned to watch her, but he had better be quick, because she has an agenda that even she isn’t sure of.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Hellkitten Chronicles Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb The final classes have begun and the only thing standing in Imara’s way is an ancient and deadly enemy…of her kitten.
    Read MoreImara’s life is going according to her plans. She has her boyfriend, her kitten, and is about to earn her degree in Magecraft and graduate. Once she has that degree, she has the right to request an application for a commercial magic license. It is the goal she has been working toward all along. A shadow begins to haunt her during the day and stalk her when she is away from the college. She doesn’t know what it wants, but it follows her with a purpose she can’t fathom until she finds the identity of her stalker. By the time she learns that it is Mr. E the stalker is after and not her, the trap has already closed.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb When her body isn’t hers to command, Windy has to find ways to defend herself.
    Read MoreWindy broke her spine in the attack, and she was taken from Adaptation Station and sold to the Splice. Her destiny was to act as their communication conduit. She hated the idea of destiny. When Alphy sent a hunter to come get her, he is shocked by her condition. They come up with a plan to extract her from the communication array, but it is going to take some time and a lot of patience. Unable to simply use nanites for the procedure, Windy faces a slow and uphill battle to get control of her body again. It is just the beginning of a wild ride.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Comet is content to relive the past, but meeting Salk gives her a glimpse into the future, and she might just let go of regrets.
    Read MoreComet is five hundred years old by human standards of linear time, but in her mind, she is the same young woman taken out of the Middle Ages by Santa. Being pulled out of her time to become one of the Christmas reindeer had been harsh but better than being stoned or hung as a witch. Her foray away from the workshop takes her to a modern past, a Ren Faire. The clothing and traditions are familiar, and she spends time grieving for a family lost many Christmases ago. Salk is a coal elf of the naughty-or-nice department. His job has been to find those who are definitely naughty and punish them. He never imagined that he would find a reindeer who needs his nice side more than anything else
  • e-Book
    (Book 6 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Cupid takes a position managing a stressed-out crew at Christmas, and she finds a lawyer with an interest in her stockings.
    Read MoreCupid launched herself into organizing a branch of Legal Aid only to meet a handsome lawyer who sends her senses into disarray. Watching the families who needed help and those who were paid to help them was an education. No one stayed unless they had a feel for the job and all of those working with her want nothing more than relief of stress for their clients. When Tyr arrives as holiday relief, he sweeps through their caseload like magic. His interest in late-night takeout and casual chatter are enough to catch and keep her attention, but when she realizes who and what he is, her holiday season goes from snowbound to hot.
  • e-Book
    (Book 5 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Trading her services to a vampire king is a price Leo pays gladly, but her human life is not on the table.
    Read MoreLeonora has managed to save her pregnant sister from a vampire attack, but to insure the safety of her sister and niece, Leo is willing to pay with everything but her life. Covered in her own blood, she approaches the Mayor of Redbird City - who happens to be the local vampire king - and makes a deal. She will serve him as his assistant if he will keep her sister and niece from being torn apart. Matthias agrees willingly to take on a new assistant and sends his men out to keep her sister safe. It is the beginning of a partnership that will make her his apprentice, send her to negotiate for dragons, visit crime scenes and keep her doing his bidding while her sister’s attackers rally and prepare to try again. Leo picks up her baseball bat and gets ready for the fight of her life.
  • e-Book
    (Book 6 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Working out tension during some light espionage seems like the thing to do while pondering her future.
    Read MoreEltrinia has been progressing. She is the master of the on-loan gallery, she takes tours of all ages around, and she has been recruited for operative training at the capital. Learning combat tactics in sparring matches with Trin is bizarrely fun. It is like looking into a tinted mirror. When she finally gets clearance for her first mission, she is paired with Inoth and must wait for her paperwork before she can go and play spy. They finally make their way to their assignment. It turns out that he gets to be himself, and she has to pretend to be an airhead. Yay. Inoth has been working on getting closer to Eltrinia, but circumstances and the dragon senator have been very effective at keeping them apart. When he volunteered to be her partner, there were a few snickers, but no one knew Eltrinia like he did. There was no doubt about it, he had gotten the pick of the trainees. She had skills that even he didn’t know about, but he was willing to learn.
  • e-Book
    (Book 6 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Life as a caretaker was her fate. Crashing on an alien world and being given an ultimatum gave her something she didn’t expect, a lover who had her back. She takes a chance and is swept away.
    Read More Nan has spent her life making a place for herself by taking care of those around her. Holding onto the controls of a falling shuttle with the unconscious pilot next to her, she began to regret some of her impulses. After the asteroid, she had gathered up close to two dozen kids who had been touring the same national park that she had, and she had tried to bring them home. When their city was found to be a collapsed crater filled with water, she has to take them on the road and try and keep them alive until she can find a settlement to take them. Eventually, the call came out for the evacuation under the contract circumstances. The kids were exempt from the contract, and as caretaker, so was Nan. That exemption holds until they are on their way to the world Abix. There is a meteor shower, a wounded pilot, and Nan manages to take the controls, leaving a scar on the landscape in a restricted area. She feels bad, but when the overseer of Abix comes in through the shuttle front screen and gives her an ultimatum, she feels nervous and a weird tension. If they make it out of the restricted area in time, everything will just resume the normal plan. There is one thing about the overseer. When he sets a timeline, he cheats. She has no chance.
  • e-Book
    (Book 6 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Lacey was the newest member of the station before the explosion, but she lost her future right after the blast.
    Read MoreLacey had grown up with privilege, but she learned early exactly how deals got made. She used to use her skills to get Adaptation Station their hard-to-come-by supplies, but after the blast, the family that she had been gaining was pulled from her. Lacey was transported across the stars where she sat at the side of her grandfather while he bargained away the human race. When she objected, she became a test subject that the Splice took apart. Wallowing in depression lasted for a while, but when she got back on her feet and stood tall, she realized that she had work to do, and no one was going to do it for her. Time to get a plan into position and get her band back together.
  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb She’s toxic, he’s fascinated. Putting herself in his path is the easy part. Not taking advantage of their mutual attraction is going to be tough.
    Read MoreShan has arrived on Athon with one purpose, to take part in her friend’s wedding. When things get complicated, she ends up splitting her attention between the bride and the newly landed General Zaber. Zaber is the end of his line. His father was an idiot and all of his half-siblings have followed their father to the grave. Raised by his mother on Kadura, Zaber had a good upbringing that ended abruptly when he was conscripted to take his father’s place in the Athon military. A decade and a half later, he has his father’s rank and no intention on continuing the family line. He is done with bloodlines, but the government of Athon wants to keep his line alive, and they are willing to kidnap members of the populace to ensure it. Shan has already met Zaber, and when the guards interrupt her friend’s engagement party, she is more than irritated but goes with them anyway. When she learns that it was not his idea to kidnap a few dozen women, she steps up and volunteers to take him on as a lover. After all, she is a bridal attendant, isn’t she supposed to be a little reckless with her virtue?
  • e-Book
    (Book 7 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Donder is a holiday designer asked to spruce up a pleasure club, and the Master is interested in more than her designs.
    Read MoreDoni is having fun during the weeks before the holidays. She has never enjoyed herself more. After a variety of successful jobs, her boss sheepishly asks her to take on one more client before the holidays strike. The private club caters to those with an adventurous bent and the money to ensure their privacy. Doni needs to bring a little joy and sparkle to their themed rooms, and she dives into the project with enthusiasm. Bern has been watching for the reindeer to cross his path, but he never expected it to come in such an amazing form. Christmas has never looked more perfect.
  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Born against the odds, Elurra is hunted by her aunt and saved by seven miners who whisk her to safety until her prince can claim her
    Read MoreElurra’s mother was infected by a vampire. Magic held the effects at bay, but when her daughter was born, her mother left the world. Raised by her doting father, Elurra was content with the arranged marriage to a young sandman. His species was known for their skilled and devastating armies, and hers was known for magic and agrarian skills. It was a match that had to wait until the timing was right. Elurra’s father is poisoned, and her stepmother immediately begins a systematic regimen of starving Elurra of the blood that her vampire nature requires. Days stretch into years, until one day, seven dark strangers announced that the sandmen are on the move, and they are coming for Elurra. Her aunt moves to kill her, the miners set out to save her, and her prince comes to her in her dreams. Elurra is tired of being tossed around, and she gets ready to make her own place in the worlds. Survival is no longer enough. She wants to win.
  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb She didn’t want this life or these men. True love’s kiss has ties that bind, and unraveling them is not an easy task... but she is going to try
    Read MoreSallen has been running from her heritage all her life. When her mother suddenly passes, she can’t bring herself to part from the city where they made so many memories. She takes on a job as a courier and settles into a nice routine. Abruptly taken from her apartment, she meets her father’s side of the family, and she doesn’t like what she sees. She’s stripped of her defensive glamour, and her heritage is laid out for all to see. Descended from Rapunzel and the golden goose, her hair brings luck and wealth to any family she joins, but only if she gives it willingly. Her family has other plans. They are going to auction her off to the highest bidder. Desperate for help, she sends a message via the only means at her disposal, and she waits. The master of the guild and his partners arrive and rescue her, but they offer her the same fate with a few alterations. She will choose, true love’s kiss will bind her, and she will agree to honour the kiss. Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.
  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Offered up by her government, Cyreen is given over to an ancient hero to placate him into cooperation. No pressure
    Read MoreWhen the Hero of Morcud was betrayed and put in stasis, he demanded that if they were ever to wake him, he needed the woman that they had denied him. Five hundred years later, his help is needed, and Cyreen is one of three women with the DNA profile that he demanded. As he is still in his stasis tube, she got a good look at all parts exposed by the clear housing. When he sat up and returned her frank gaze, she is taken aback. The two delicate and lovely creatures that also matched his requirements were huddled together and weeping at the thought of the hybrid general touching them. Cyreen was intrigued. General Xan looks at his options and makes his decision. Cyreen is his, and there is no end date to the contract. Oh, the things she is willing to do to save her world. She had better make a very long list before he puts some trousers on.
  • e-Book
    (Book 7 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Thrown from the life she thought she knew, Zzara has to restart her existence with no mother, no father, as a dragon denied.
    Read MoreZzara was excited and happy on the day it all fell apart. Her father had married another dragon and the new lady of the house had no interest in his mistress living on her new property. Her mother takes her own life, her father is trying to pretend that she doesn’t exist, but that is not something Zzara is willing to tolerate. Not anymore. The investigators bring her to her father’s house and Zzara makes sure that her father’s new wife understands what her threats brought about. She flees to the desert, a plan to start over at Rekker City, but she takes a few days to mourn. A hidden child, she had never had a plan for a life away from her mother. She meets those who are willing to help her make those first steps and then she is off and running.
  • e-Book
    Series - Betas in Waiting book 7 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., lit, epub, pdb Issa went from ex-stripper to intoxicant with one touch of an alpha. Spending years with her skin hidden, she gets the shock of her life after a wedding when a friend introduces her to a familiar face, and her body goes wild... again.
    Read MoreIssa lived her last few years in shadows, going out with all her skin covered until she attended a friend’s wedding and bumped into the guy who started it all for her. He just wants a hookup, and she doesn’t want to play, so she leaves him and returns home after the wedding. Covered up after a nocturnal grocery run, she finds two men on her porch, and one is her would-be hookup. The alphas agree to court her, and she agrees to let them... with conditions. There is a rough start, an awkward mistake, and a truce before they can begin moving forward to join the magic that binds them. Daynette met her alpha years ago, then attacked the same night. She had no memory of the night but one adorable souvenir. When one of Issa’s mates recognizes the little girl’s distinctive features, he makes a call. Daynette’s world tilts as she ends up looking up into eyes that look exactly like her daughter’s. Oh boy. She really wished she could remember their time together.
  • e-Book
    (Book 1 Digital Demons Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Working at a game company is just a job, until a cosplay moment opens her eyes to another world beyond her own and exposes her boss for the demon he is.
    Read MoreSerene hasn’t wanted much out of life. A car, a house, a job, and a few friends. That was her list. She ended up with a house that taxed her to the limit, a car that died at work, and a job that paid too little for her to be able to afford a new vehicle. She was thinking about working elsewhere when an urgent request puts her in a situation she wasn’t too fond of. Dressing up as one of the bosses in the game had become part of her job, but she hated doing it in public forums where guys got grabby. A day’s appearance at the convention dressed as the demon queen was an exercise in dodging pinching fingers. The moment she could relax for the display, the crowd went wild. She couldn’t turn to look, but the hand around her wasn’t human, and it pulled her back into what appeared to be the game that she had been seeing all around the office. She wasn’t a gamer. A demon assigns her a few quests, she completes one without trouble. Seducing him is the other. When the demon reveals her boss’s face, she is a lot less hesitant. Waiting for thousands of years for the woman reincarnated with the spirit of his wife has caused a lot of stress for the nameless god. Finding her was one thing, convincing the human soul that she was housed in to agree to let them reunite involved a detailed seduction. It was a good thing he had time to plan.
  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb One night, ten years ago, they satisfied her hunger, and she ran as fast as she could. Now, they are back in her life, and they want more.
    Read MoreNessa has stayed away from home for ten years, but a plea from estranged family brings her home. Nessa is half faerie, half human, and drains sexual energy from the people around her. Ten years ago, she had a night with two lovers and has not felt the hunger for power since. It all returns in a rush when she helps her cousin save her boss. Nessa knew it was an awkward intervention, but when she recognized two of the VPs she was there to protect, she feels like it has been a setup. She saves the day and settles the men down for a restoring nap when one of them snaps up and plants a tracking spell on her. Oh, yeah. He was the mage to the other one’s dark elf. Hector and Tynan have been waiting for their third. They have kept their eyes out for the last ten years, and when she falls into their laps, they are not letting her go. Stovos, king of the dark court, has watched his son’s attempts to locate the woman and was beginning to doubt his son’s sanity. When the courtship of his son and son-in-law exposes the woman that Stovos has been seeking, he is rocked on his own whirlwind seduction with a harpy of his own. She had been under his nose the entire time.
  • e-Book
    (Book 6 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A family curse turned occupation, a merman in her tub, and a mage in her phone. Soph’s life just gets weirder.
    Read MoreBeing raised as the Cursed One does things to a person. It changes your relationships and makes you a very paranoid young woman. This is how Sophy ends up in her fourth decade, looking eighteen and having no love life. The Mage Guild provides her with a liaison so that she can stop calling to rummage through their archives, and the voice in the machines around her becomes an admirable partner, such as he is. He files a request with her to assist him in his own personal journey, and it takes her into the Guild Hall to face a mage who wants her as a trophy. She isn’t impressed, but gets what she needs and gets out of there. A cursed object that calls to her is part of her plans for the next few days, but the arrival of the body that belongs to the voice throws things into chaos. Magnus has spent years in amber, waiting to be released by a request from a woman he hasn’t slept with. He was born a warrior centuries earlier and is a legendary mage in his own right. He has one major concern, and it involves figuring out the strange pull and repulsion he feels when the Cursed One is around. Demons, mages, old scores, and cursed objects swirl around the DeMonstre family, and Sophia is first and foremost the Monster Baiter.
  • e-Book
    Series - Blind Date Corporation book 7 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb The wedding was lovely. Brit wasn’t going, but when her sister’s time at the reception gets uncomfortable, nothing could stop her from lending a hand by becoming bait.
    Read MoreBrit got a call from her sister and headed off to the wedding on Daycross Island. She just had to pull a tracking device out of her foot before going. Being the only current multi-morph on record makes her very popular with law enforcement and espionage agencies. She doesn’t want to play with either. She finds her sister, understands what’s needed, and coordinates with one of Ylara’s associates to distract the three alphas stalking her sister due to her state of heat. Brit changes to her sister’s form and makes a run through the woods, but an unearthly howl follows her, and she is soon up a tree with nowhere to go. Denier knows that the scent is wrong for his original target, but he can’t resist running prey. The scent is what he has been looking for, and he sets out to catch it.
  • e-Book
    (Stand Alone Tales ) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb A scheming vampire, a unicorn with a job to do, and a mage who thought her power was gone, leaving her unremarkable.
    Read MoreAlly surrendered her magic as a teen. Her sister was the family heir, and Ally just wanted to leave her home and start off in a new city. She takes on odd jobs and ends up as a secure courier. Weeks before her twenty-seventh birthday, she takes a delivery that goes wrong and ends up with her being bound to the vampire king of the city. She decides to run, but he thwarts her, and after experiencing brunch with the vampire, she agrees to give him a chance to seduce her. Being seduced by a vampire takes time. There has to be formality, organization, and an opener. Ally had never heard of openers, but they were used when there were physical issues between the more aggressive of the races and usually the hapless human. The openers were unicorn stallions with a talent for easing things between normally incompatible species. Ally agrees to it, but there is one problem. She knows the unicorn. Bastien was the brother of one of her best friends, and he had been in training when she had seen him last. She had never imagined that she would see him again and that he would see all of her. Ally had sought to live her life quietly, to be unremarkable, but now, she was in the spotlight, and her family was calling her to defend her life, her freedom, and her new mates. She was taking her family down.
  • e-Book
    (Book 7 Shattered Stars Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb Removed from her bond post, she wasn’t expecting to be moved from a retired overseer to the possession of the new generation
    Read MoreRecovering from an attack by a cranky client, Dorra is surprised to be pulled out of her cell and hauled off the floating station and down to the surface to visit a dying client. She arrives at the home of a client she hasn’t seen for months—the general. He smiles and invites her to stay and play strategy games with him. He has paid her bond off on the station, and she now has a new place to live. There is just one problem. The residence isn’t his anymore. His grandson has taken on the position of overseer, and it is Hreon’s opinion that matters. Dorra is used to bantering and flirting with the general, but she knows instinctively that Hreon is not going to flirt and let things go. Her own body pulls the trigger. She’s receptive, he’s in rut, and very little is going to get in his way. He can’t get enough of her, and she gives him everything she has.
  • e-Book
    (Book 7 An Obscure Magic Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb A mage, a destiny and a surprising pedigree. It is hard to juggle new discoveries with a dragon on her tail. Minerva enjoys her life as a master mage. She creates spells that no one has seen before and enjoys her family and friends. She will do anything for them, and she has.
    Read MoreHer side job is to act as an intermediary between extranatural races, and that is what she is doing the day that she walks into the dragon’s den. Running from the dragon makes her confront her origins, and things get even more complicated from there. Zemuel is an ancient being that owns lands and mines that contain strategic materials for other races. All he asks for an audience, is that he be entertained by the envoy. Minerva has her work cut out for her. She really should have stuck to business only. So, mate-hungry dragons, ancient gods and a surprising pedigree mean that Minerva’s world just turned upside-down, and anchoring herself will mean surrendering a piece of her soul.
  • e-Book
    (Book 8 The Bastard Dragon Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Alone in a world that wants her blood, she seeks out friends who embrace her and a new home where she can grow and evolve.
    Read MoreZzara has been learning magic forbidden to dragons. When the mage guild catches on to what her tutor has been showing her, they are both in trouble. Helping a dragon to learn magic is a high crime. If the dragon wasn’t the child of Magus Warrok, the dragon wasn’t allowed spellwork. Zzara has few choices. Either she can remain in her friend’s home and put her in danger, or she can leave with the knowledge she already has mastered. It is a choice that forces her to make decisions she wanted to leave for another year. Emory guards the blood dragon. He has been waiting for this moment for years. The moment the call came out for guards, he got clearance from the elders and made his way to the capital. The blood dragon was shorter than he had imagined, but she had an intelligence and a will that never failed to surprise him. He had to remain on his toes when she was around, and keeping an air of mystery was his first line of defense.
  • e-Book
    Series - Blind Date Corporation book 9 File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .rb, .lrf., epub, lit, pdb A bachelorette party brings Drin to the attention of the boss of the nightclub, Hell. Her problem is that he’s a long-standing crush and patron, and he knows it.
    Read MoreDrin has a miserable life. She is constantly scrounging for money, fighting for respect, and hiding her activation. As far as she knows, she is a muse. She gives her targets inspiration and intellect, but her body pays the price. A metabolic active uses their body to power their manifestation, and Drin spends her life hungry as her body burns power to survive in public. She is asked to sing in public to help a bachelorette gain a win in a live singing competition, but she ends up going against the city’s most popular male singer. They sing a duet, and her opponent is so thrilled that he grabs her and kisses her. She drops him with her knee, and the club goes silent. The devil emerges and walks toward her. She sees him coming and is shocked to see her best friend’s brother approaching her, and she’s stunned when he kisses her in front of several hundred partiers. He sweeps her to his lair, and they have a short conversation involving her work for the Blind Date Corporation as his escort. A day later and she’s being arrested for breaking a restraining order. Her best friend’s family has blocked her, but now, she is hauled to lock-up for talking to Vikor. Things can only get better from there, right? When the devil arrives to defend her, her case is won, and her heart is lost.
  • e-Book
    (Book 8 Operation Reindeer Retrieval Series) File Download Formats: .mobi, .pdf, .prc, .epub, .lrf, .lit, pdb Blitzen enjoys fixing things, and the machines that make Christmas sweeter need attention, too. As Belinda Litzen, she is a one-woman repair shop catering to all the overworked bakeries in town. When a candy shop has a rolling machine down, she shows up to save the day and meets a candy maker who gives her a visual sugar rush. Rex has been waiting for his reindeer to show up, but the repairwoman was not what he had imagined. Instead of brown, she was golden, and instead of shy, she met his gaze head-on. She is his first reindeer, and he is her first wolf


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